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November 7, 2017

Denis Shapovalov

Fiera Milano, Italy

HYEON CHUNG/D. Shapovalov

1-4, 4-3, 4-3, 4-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Even if you lost, could you tell us what did you like of this kind of competition? What is the rule that in your opinion is the best one and what is the rule that in your opinion is the worst?
DENIS SHAPOVALOV: I think everything is just different. Court looks different, no lets, roaming in the stands. It's not easy, but I think it's cool to try new things out. I don't think any rule change is easy or hard. Everything is just different.

But, yeah, you know, like I always say, I think sports needs to advance and change. It's definitely cool to have a tournament where we can try these new rules out.

Q. Playing in four games, it does change something mentally in your approach of the match or how you deal with the pressure points? How did it feel to play these four-game formats?
DENIS SHAPOVALOV: Yeah, it's different. Like I just said, it's a different rule. It's much more intense from the beginning, a lot of less chances to break. If you do, it's tough to break back for the other guy.

Yeah, it's a lot more intense, I feel, but, yeah, I don't know.

Q. Getting the chance to look at stats during the match, is that something you feel you'd enjoy doing on tour?
DENIS SHAPOVALOV: I don't know. It's kind of tough to base yourself on stats, maybe because he was doing such a good job of just mixing up the serves. There wasn't a particular side where he was playing more. He was mixing it up well. Maybe in different matches it will be more helpful a little bit.

Yeah, it's definitely another cool feature to have. I always thought why can't we look at stats during the match? So it's definitely cool. I mean, I remember playing ATP tournaments, sometimes on the screen they'll show just the basic stats in between sets, so it's good to look at the basics, too, just your serve percentage, unforced errors, winners, just stuff like that.

Q. I remember during Canadian Open your interview about NextGen, and you seemed not so excited about NextGen. Maybe I'm wrong. You wanted to play the big Masters, the real ATP World Tour Finals.
DENIS SHAPOVALOV: I'm, like, centuries away from the World Tour Finals. I never talked about that.

Yeah, I was always excited to play this tournament. I thought it was going to be great. When they introduced it, I was really excited. I thought I wasn't going to be able to make it. So when I actually found out that I was making it, I was in the locker room celebrating with my team. Yeah, I was really excited the whole time.

Q. Couple things about the rules. I wanted to ask you about the let cord that you had, I think it was in the last game where you had to scamper up there and get it. What's it like playing a shot like that? Not having the doubles lines, how strange is that when you're hitting balls to when you're used to seeing that second line and then not seeing it? I know you made a lot of errors today. Just wondered if that played a role at all.
DENIS SHAPOVALOV: Yeah, let cords are different. It's difficult. There were a couple in our match. The last game was the one where I was slow and I had to run to it. But I think it makes it more entertaining. We had a crazy point there. I almost won it. That definitely would have been on the Hot Shot Reel. Unfortunately it wasn't. Unfortunately I lost that point. Yeah, it's tough, but it's something you get used to pretty quickly.

The doubles alleys, it's the same. First couple games, first couple times we played on it, it was different, but we got used to it pretty quickly, and during the match we weren't really focused on that, or at least I wasn't.

To me, I got used to it quickly, and it felt normal.

Q. Talking about the match, what problems did Chung give you today?
DENIS SHAPOVALOV: I think he played really well. He stayed solid throughout the whole match. Credits to him. He played really well. I think I didn't play so well in the big points. That was the difference.

Like I said before, it's going to be one or two points that will make the match, the difference. Today it was that. Yeah, credits to him for a great match. You know, hopefully I can work on that.

Q. Although you were youngest in also in this tournament, when you are playing normal tour you are always the challenger and always the youngest and nothing to lose, so mentally in the good position. Is that the difference to play in a tournament that everyone is young?
DENIS SHAPOVALOV: Yeah, I think just the whole setup, the whole idea is different. They are different matches. But, you know, I respect every player out here. I mean, they all deserve to be here.

They have all fought their ways to get into tournaments. You know, they have had great wins this year against top guys.

Every player is tough. I don't think it's different in that aspect. I'm getting ready for the matches the same way, same way I would get ready for Rafa or Roger or anyone. Yeah.

Q. Would you like to play all year on the tour with these new rules, or there is one of them that you don't like or don't want to see on the tour?
DENIS SHAPOVALOV: I don't know. I mean, we are just testing it out this week. I don't think there is going to be changes any time soon. I mean, it would be tough.

I think it's cool to try this out. I don't really have an opinion whether or not it would be cool on the tour. I don't know. It's too tough to tell. I have played one match, and there are so many other players that, you know, that would have -- there would have to be a big survey. You'd have to ask all the players. I'm just one person.

Q. Chris Kermode was talking about that he wants your generation and younger guys and girls to watch tennis more, and that's why they are experimenting with things. Beyond the actual rules they are experimenting with here, what do you think the younger generation, your generation, what would we do to tennis to make it more appealing to them? What are they looking for in sport?
DENIS SHAPOVALOV: I just think it needs more action, I mean, for viewers. Yeah, you get one or two good points, but you have to watch five hours of tennis sometimes and three out of five, it's long, it's physical on the body, it's not easy. Yeah, to just make it shorter and more, I don't know, more intense, that would, I guess, just raise viewers and stuff like that.

But honestly, I don't know if I'm the right guy to ask this question. I have only been playing on the tour one year. Yeah, so I'm very new to it.

Q. I'm talking as a fan, like as a tennis fan, if you're not even a player. What do you enjoy in sport and the way you consume it? Is it any different to how I would, for example?
DENIS SHAPOVALOV: Yeah, I enjoy tense moments. The no ads, it kinda puts more pressure on the server and obviously the returner, so that's an interesting rule. No lets causes points like we had, running to the net. So all these things, it kind of makes them more interesting, but I just think change is interesting. Yeah.

Q. In your opening montage you were seen holding the Canadian flag. What's that mean to you?
DENIS SHAPOVALOV: Yeah, I mean, I love playing for my country. I grew up wanting to play for my country. To be able to do that, it means everything. Being the only Canadian here, it's really inspiring.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to win today for me, for my team, for my country, but, you know, I'll definitely bounce back tomorrow and give it my all.

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