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November 8, 2017

Ross Fisher

Sun City, South Africa

Q. Welcome to the Nedbank Challenge, an event you know well. It's an event you've always started well. Maybe struggled to just find some consistency across all four days in the past.
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, perhaps. Yeah, normally get off to a decent start. Like you say, I've had some good first, second days, and then potentially just struggle to go low over the weekend.

Hopefully I can do the first part the same as I normally have, and hopefully we can improve on the weekend's play.

Q. Fantastic setting here. How much of a challenge do you find this golf course?
ROSS FISHER: Yes, it's a great golf course. Like you say, it's a challenge. It's not the longest, because obviously we play at altitude. Greens are very, very small. So the key is to hit a lot of greens around here.

But I think the biggest challenge is the weather. You've got to really stay patient and not get too flustered and make sure you drink plenty of fluid, because as you can see, it's pretty hot today. It can be one of those places that gets close to 40 degrees.

You definitely want to try to walk as slow as you can, take your time. Don't rush things, and like I say, drink plenty of fluids and hydration. That will be a big key this week.

Q. It's been a great year for you so far, sixth in The Race to Dubai, you're playing the final two events of the year. What are your aspirations now for this end of season?
ROSS FISHER: Just to keep playing how I've been playing. China was obviously disappointing after coming off the back of two really good performances at the Dunhill in Italy. I feel like if I can play to the level that I played those two weeks, I've got a really good chance in hopefully capping the season off with a win.

That was my main objective was to try to go out and win one of these two weeks. Obviously try and improve on The Race to Dubai rankings. Tommy might be that little bit too far ahead, but you never know. If I play to the capabilities and what I know I'm capable of playing to, I could quite easily go win, win.

But if I want to do that, I'm going to have to play very, very well and beat, two weeks, a high-calibre field. Because it's a strong field this week and no doubt it will be a strong field next week. I'm looking toward to the challenge, and hopefully, like I say, I can finish the season off strong.

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