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November 7, 2017

Karen Khachanov

Fiera Milano, Italy

D. MEDVEDEV/K. Khachanov

2-4, 4-3, 4-3, 4-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. The new rules, which was the one you found the most challenging?
KAREN KHACHANOV: Challenging, means good? Difficult? I would say it was a good test, but let's say it's too short, the sets. And also, I think we will play until four games, like 4-All tiebreak, like this you would have more opportunities maybe to break the guy.

Then let, but then we have many let calls so I couldn't say anything. It's okay.

Then shot clock was good. It's a little bit tougher, I think, because you need to follow the rhythm all the time. You need to check on the scoreboard. But in general, it's the right thing to do, I think, in tennis.

Deciding point, definitely tough one because in important moments on your serve, I think it's easier than to break the guy, so it's a little bit more lucky, let's say, because to break the guy in normal game you have to win two points in a row so it's much tougher.

What else we have? Oh, coach? Yeah, I mean, this is more like a show, I think. It's good for the people who are watching the matches to see this and to hear what we are talking about with the coach.

I think it should be more private, let's say, if we talk particular about the match, you know, because maybe some things you don't want to share with all the world.

Q. The crowd walking?
KAREN KHACHANOV: It's okay. I liked the atmosphere. It's nice, center court. Everything was good, yeah.

Q. In terms of access to the stats during the match, how useful did you find that? When they showed some stats on the big screen, is that perhaps a bit distracting? Maybe you don't want to see these numbers...
KAREN KHACHANOV: Honestly, on the big screen, I didn't have attention a lot of times. About the iPad, it's a good idea, but I think it should be also not only each set. It should be for the whole match statistics, that you can check not only one set. If it's 3-0, let's say, you just played three games, this is not enough to know the stats.

So it would be better if, from the beginning till the moment that you see it, you know you can check any time what was the difference or not, so I think it would be work better. But anyway, it's a good thing, yeah.

Q. If you could choose one of the new rules to incorporate into the regular tour, what would it be?
KAREN KHACHANOV: I think for now live Hawk-Eye is a good thing. Only thing is I would like to hear different voice (smiling). I think it's better that all umpires record their voices and each match that he played, it's an umpire that is on the chair. I think it would be better like this. You hear the same voice, like looks like he's calling the outs. But this is definitely good thing. And shot clock I think is good for tennis, for now.

Q. When you talked to your coach, he said play calmer, et cetera. Did that help you during the match to have that advice, or did it kind of maybe just get lost once you got on court?
KAREN KHACHANOV: No, as I said, maybe there are some things that if we talk private with my coach we would speak in a different way, let's say. But in general, his advices, they were helpful, of course.

Q. You said that the match is too short. Did you have some difficulty to adapt your game to the new rule?
KAREN KHACHANOV: Yes, because even that the games are too short, the sets, let's say, are too short, anyway, the match was pretty long. We played 1 hour 50. That's what I think ATP wanted to try to shortcut the time.

But let's say if we play best of five, it would be 2 hours 20, let's say. What is different is I think that the games are shorter and if you lose a serve, let's say, tougher to recover the set. That's the only thing, you know. But about timing, I think the matches are a little bit shorter, and here I would say it's more entertainment, entertaining with the crowd with these new innovations. But of course you need to adapt to these new things.

Q. I guess there is a lot of things that are being experimented in this tournament. So how difficult is it to take it seriously while it's also, in a way, an experiment?
KAREN KHACHANOV: I think everybody plays serious here. We are not playing for something, like, not big, you know. So, okay, we don't have points but there is prize money, and still, it's a very prestigious tournament that all of us, we qualified here, to be here and to play. So everybody plays serious.

And even that we know each other close, we are friends outside, but in the match everybody plays full. So I think with motivation, there is nothing to say. It's 100%.

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