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November 8, 2017

Ashleigh Buhai

Hainan Island, China

Q. Just one bogey?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: I was very happy with the way I played. The front nine, I made some good putts to make the birdies. Overall, played very steady and just the one bogey. So very happy with that. I had chances coming down 17 and 18, and just missed the put. But nevertheless, happy with 5-under.

Q. So you had an eagle?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: The tee was forward and the wind was a little down off the left. I hit driver and we only had 7-iron in and I hit 7-iron to about 20 feet and holed the putt for eagle.

Q. Your thoughts about the golf course, maybe everyone told you it's a tough course?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: They told me the greens were tough and very undulating. Practice round, they played very firm but luckily the rain yesterday softened them a little bit. So they are very tough if they are firm, but today they were a little more receptive which helped to get it closer.

Q. So thoughts about tomorrow?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Yeah, tomorrow, I think the weather has a lot to do with how the course will play. The wind really picked up our last four holes, so obviously being first out, I think we definitely got the good side of it. They are going to have more wind this afternoon, but hopefully the rain will stay away.

Q. You're chasing for your first win on the LPGA, but today you are in good position. Any thoughts about that?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Well, obviously every week you enter, you want to win. But we've got three days to go. There's a lot of good players obviously playing this week. I came close this year, so I tried to, I found this week I was trying to do the same thing with my putting that I did that week, and it showed today. So if I just keep that going, hopefully I'll have a chance on Sunday.

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