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November 7, 2017

Alex Noren

Sun City, South Africa

Q. Welcome back to the Nedbank Challenge, scene of one of your four victories on The European Tour last year. How nice is it coming back when you've got to, not hand back the trophy, but defend the trophy.
ALEX NOREN: It's such a good feeling of the last time I was here. You know, you have all the memories from there. It brings you back. It seems not very long ago it happened.

I couldn't believe that I actually won it because I was a lot of shots back before the last round, and you know, so everything went very quick and then I was off to the next tournament. Then you come back here and it's almost like you let it sink in a bit more, yeah.

Q. What was the mind-set on the first tee? You were six shots back, as you say, and it got going really fast for you, and that eagle on 10 was what put you back in front.
ALEX NOREN: Yeah, I mean, the mind-set was -- I kind of lost my lead on the third day. Didn't play very good on the third day. You know, just trying to, you know, finish off with a decent round, get a good finish.

I wasn't really thinking about winning at all. And just to get a good finish going into Dubai and have a good finish there, kind of build some momentum for Dubai, and then all of a sudden, yeah, with the eagle on 10, I holed like a big lob shot on 11 and then all of a sudden, I was like, I can do this.

Q. What is it that provides the biggest test for you around this golf course?
ALEX NOREN: I haven't seen the place this year. I practiced these two days. I'm going to go out now.

Last year, I would say the wind was quite strong at times, and the greens are quite small. Like they hide the pins out on the edges. I think when you try to be too aggressive, it can bite you in the back.

Yeah, I think overall, you have to play pretty good to shoot low, and then it is -- you can make birdies out there but I think you have to know your way around.

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