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November 7, 2017

Francesco Molinari

Sun City, South Africa

Q. Your first time here for quite some time, and you come here on the back of a good performance in Italy in the last Rolex Series event.
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: Yeah, I'm happy to be here. Obviously it's always a nice week, great weather, a really good golf course, and a great field. So I'm looking forward to the week.

Q. Two big events coming up and you're currently ninth on The Race to Dubai. This is a good chance for you to get your highest finish on The European Tour.
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: Yeah, yeah, I'm looking forward to this week and next week obviously to try and improve my ranking. It won't be easy because there's a lot of good players up there but obviously I have the chance to finish quite high up in The Race to Dubai. I'm going to do my best to do that.

Q. Tell us a little bit about this golf course. What is it that you like about it, and what is it that will test your game the most around here this week?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: Yeah, it's a good course. Obviously the kikuyu grass is quite different from what we get in Europe. One of the things is going to be to judge the lies and the distances because you can get big flyers from the rough. So hitting fairways is important.

The greens are quite small and slopey, so you want to be on the good side of the hole. The breeze can be challenging, too.

It's a tough course but obviously there are some scoring opportunities out there and hopefully I'm going to take advantage of those.

Q. This is your fourth Rolex Series event. Have you welcomed the Rolex Series into the schedule this year? It looks like it's going to be quite an exciting finish at the top?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: Yeah, it's been a great addition from not only the players' point of view but from the spectator point of view. It's been mostly very exciting weeks, right to the end, to the wire. I'm sure this week and next week won't be different.

Hopefully Justin and Tommy will battle it out for the last two holes for The Race to Dubai.

Q. We're in safari country, obviously. So can you name the Big Five?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: No, but I'll try. Lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and missing one. I don't know -- hippo? I don't think it's a hippo.

Q. It not too far away, I don't think. There were some tough animals in there. Who would you say is the toughest player on Tour?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: The toughest player on Tour? Hard to say. I would say Ryan Fox.

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