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November 7, 2017

Haydn Porteous

Sun City, South Africa

Q. Playing for the first time, I think you grew up watching this. Can you remember any particular Million Dollar, as they were back there, that stood out for you?
HAYDN PORTEOUS: Yeah, I think obviously with my father being involved with Avis throughout the years and involved through the Nedbank Golf Challenge, always remember the barbeque ribs on the 17th green and watching the world's best players.

At the time it was limited-man field event, 14 or 15 guys, and they were usually the best players in the world at that time. To watch the world's best around a golf course that you love, is an experience worth keeping memory.

You know, to now peg it up obviously with a different sort of format, it doesn't really take away from the fact that it's a really big tournament in terms of getting into the DP World.

It's just important to me as it were still to be a limited-man field. Yeah, really looking forward to it, I must say.

Q. You're a global player, but is there a sense of pinching yourself when you come to a place like this and think it's amazing to be here?
HAYDN PORTEOUS: Yeah, to come to Sun City, whether there's a golf tournament or not, is always a really nice week to just chill out and yeah, have a few waters by the pool and then just relax.

I must say, it is really a nice week. To then also play the game that I love as a job is not the worst way to live your life. Just hope for a decent week.

Q. Golf course, strong as always?
HAYDN PORTEOUS: Yeah, the golf course is always strong. The wind is always swirling around a little bit. I've played 15 holes so far, and I must say, the course is in great nick. A bit spongy here and there but I think over the next few days, the course is definitely going to harden up and definitely have some serious teeth to it.

So you know, it's a long golf course. You really need to think smart around here. Obviously pounce on your opportunities and make par where you need to make par.

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