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November 7, 2017

Minjee Lee

Shanshan Feng

Ariya Jutanugarn

Michelle Wie West

Hainan Island, China

Q. Michelle, you've been here for three times already and this is the fourth visit here. Each time you've been part of the opening ceremony. How do you feel about it, and through the last three editions, this is the fourth one, which one did you enjoy most?
MICHELLE WIE: You know, this is definitely one of my favorite tournaments of the year. I love the hotel, love the golf course, and the pictures are always fun. The outfits are fun. This year we wore, what did we wear, classical Chinese outfits, Han costume. It's a lot of fun. Each one is very different. So it's always exciting to figure out what we're going to wear the next year. Hopefully I can be part of another one next year.

Q. Ms. Park, you're the new No. 1 here. So we wonder what your next objective is, especially after you really get to the top right now. Is it more difficult to climb to the top position, or is it actually more difficult to maintain that position down the line?
SUNG HYUN PARK: You know, I just actually found out this morning that I became the No. 1 player in the world. If you ask me what my next objective is, it's to really win more tournaments. So we have this week and we have next week, two events left on the LPGA Tour, and my goal is to really add more wins to this year's season.

I think everybody knows it's really difficult to not only become the No. 1 but to maintain that status moving forward. So we'll just have to keep going and doing my best.

Q. Ariya, last year you were here and you had a great run but probably you would like to overcome some of the shortcomings. What kind of things will you do this year in order to overcome and really patch up, especially what you probably regretted last year that you didn't do well?
ARIYA JUTANUGARN: I did pretty good last year. I have so much fun and I have a great memory, especially like play final round with like Jessica and Minjee and have so much fun.

This year is going to be really tough because the course is going to be wet and the weather is going to be pretty hard for us. I just really want to go out and enjoy myself and have fun on the course.

Q. You did well here last year and you captured the title. So far you have three LPGA titles. The way you won here, what might be the key to your success and what might be the key to your success elsewhere to capture titles?
MINJEE LEE: For me, I think when my short game is really good, I sort of -- I've won. So I think maybe if my putter is hot, that's probably going to be my key.

Q. Might be a tough question for you. You're surrounded by world No. 1 there and you have world No. 3 here. It's going to be a tough task for you perhaps to defend your title here. How can you make it happen?
MINJEE LEE: Obviously I can't control what they do. So I'll just play my own game and try and focus one shot at a time and just everything I can in my control.

Yeah, I mean, I'll just go out there and try my best.

Q. You are here with your sister, elder sister, actually. By the same token, Jessica will have her sister around, as well, a younger sister, and especially you did well last year, as you mentioned. Would you usually compare notes with your elder sister in order to really help her? Because I know your elder sister is also eager to make her presence felt. Any notes you compare and any process you do to try to encourage each other?
ARIYA JUTANUGARN: I'm going to say I can't really help her with anything. A lot of times she helps me with everything, like off the course and on the course, she's the only one that helps me. So I think I won't be able to help her.

Q. This is the fourth year you've been here. Each time you're here, you use beautiful adjectives and descriptions to describe the surroundings. People say, why would you use these words and why the choices of these words, because obviously something impressed you a lot.
MICHELLE WIE: Yeah, for sure. I posted a video when I got here. My favorite thing to do in the morning -- I close my blinds at night just so I can open them in the morning and the view is spectacular. These beds are the best beds we get in Asia. The beds are so comfortable. Especially we came on a red-eye and all I could think about was the bed and the view in the morning. It's just gorgeous. Everything about this week is super easy. The food is great; it's healthy. And the course is always in perfect shape. The tournament just treats us so well; that it's a great stop.

Q. Do you have anything special routines you do off the golf course?
SHANSHAN FENG: I tend to be a slow starter. At the beginning of the season I might not do that well but down the line I get better and better, and that's my typical style. I'm in the habit of continuing to do something, especially something that works out for me.

Especially like in Japan where I did well last year, I went to the same restaurant, and I visited the same place, because I feel if it worked, why don't we just stick to that. So that's my, if you will, habitual behavior to make things even better or make things work.

Q. Usually before any competition, you revealed that you will do 200 pushups. That's quite a lot. For this particular event, Blue Bay, did you do any exercise to reinforce your strength, if you will?
SUNG HYUN PARK: I was just in Korea doing an interview, trying to readdress this, because I think that was a little bit overblown. I don't do 200 push-ups. I think each and every week when I prepare for the tournament, I would probably do about 50 to 60 pushups.

Q. Per day?
SUNG HYUN PARK: Yeah, per day. So I guess that's 200 for four days. Not each day but this week I'm doing a lot of exercise as I normally do to prepare for the tournament.

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