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November 1, 2017

Julien Benneteau

Paris, France


2-6, 7-6, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French, please.

Q. So a lot of emotions, quite a lot at the end of the match.
JULIEN BENNETEAU: Well, of course. Last week I was saying to my trainer I've been playing well for a while now. And after my losses against Jo or del Potro in Antwerp and Vienna, I knew it was very close.

They are both difficult to play on that kind of surface. But I thought I was there. I was fighting. And I just couldn't make it at the end. Normally, I'm not far from the top 10 at the end of each season.

So I'm now very happy that I can have that in my record, in my legs here in Bercy, being able to play a match like this one and really raising my game.

Because for one set and a half, I was playing bad and I was able to hang in there and to turn around the match on center court in Paris. It's great.

Of course, in the end of the year, we always have some goals just to keep being motivated. So what I wanted to do is be in the final draw in Australia and now it's done. I'm happy. Because last year I had to play the quallies. I'm now at my best ranking after my injury.

So what I've been achieving for the past two years, coming from where I came, is great.

Q. Is it also the Davis Cup that is motivating you?
JULIEN BENNETEAU: No. I was selected for Great Britain, but I always said that once you are healthy, you are fit, you are on the list, you can be selected and you have to be available for the captain.

But there are many other players that are fit that are playing well right now, in good shape. So we don't know what the captain will decide, what option he will choose. I absolutely don't know whether I will be part of the group or not.

Q. Of course, we also are very excited about this. I would like to have your opinion. What option for the doubles and there are also many options for the singles?
JULIEN BENNETEAU: I'm not the captain. It's too complicated. It's a choice that rich people can afford, if I may say so.

It's the captain and his staff who need to know what they want to do. What are the best options.

I don't really know what I would do.

Q. Do you think they know?
JULIEN BENNETEAU: I don't know. Ask them. They must have an idea. I don't believe this week will change many things. All the players have their results and they are in good shape. They played. I'm talking about the top ones, the leaders.

Now, the other ones, if they can achieve something big this last week, they might be able to earn their selection. Maybe. I don't know.

Q. So this victory, do you still want to quit after this Bercy? Is it your last one?
JULIEN BENNETEAU: Yes. It's really my last Bercy tournament. I don't know exactly when I'll stop playing in the year 2018. It depends how I will feel.

I don't know if it had an influence on my having a wildcard. I had spoken with Guy. I was ready to play the quallies anyway and I said, It's going to be my last one, and I want to be honest. I can't come back here next year after what I said. Of course, if I'm top 20 in the world at the end of next year, we'll see. But it won't happen in 2018.

I know they have difficult choices to make for the wildcards here this year in the federation, in the tournament management. So I don't want to prove them wrong.

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