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November 5, 2017

Charley Hoffman

Las Vegas, Nevada

Q. Just talk about the final round out there, and what was it like for you? You get into some trouble on 16 down the stretch?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, you know, I gave myself a chance to make some birdies, and just didn't make the crucial putts there on like 14 and 15, and then 17 I just got off line underneath the tree and couldn't get back in play. Picked the club I thought was right and a gust of wind came up. The wind started blowing right on that hole, so little bit tricky, made 7. Obviously, disappointed with that.

But, all in all for me, around this place, it looked like a pretty decent week.

Q. You're hearing the cheers for fellow rival, A.J.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, his story is unbelievable. Some people get the opportunity, but it's nice to take advantage of that opportunity. It's great to see A.J. make a bunch of birdies and have a great tournament.

Q. What has this week meant to you as far as Vegas Strong and your contributions?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, you know what? I'm lucky that the Shriners Hospital and PGA TOUR gave me the platform to help donate and help people here in the city of Las Vegas. I called Las Vegas home for 20 years. Went to college here. Lot of pride, lot of friends out here in Las Vegas, a lot of people obviously grieving, and I have a lot to go. With the stories I've heard this week, there are a lot of people hurting in this city. Just hope to be able to give back hopefully a decent check here and hopefully do some good.

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