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November 5, 2017

Tatyana McFadden

New York, New York

Q. Obviously, not your best result, but against an incredible athlete, to still come in second, how does it feel?
TATYANA McFADDEN: It means a lot. I know Manuela is really, really strong. She's a great competitor. All these girls are great competitors. So to be in the top three is really, really good. I'm looking forward to next year, having good training, and coming back a winner.

Q. A great day for the US, as there's a medal winner just now. What does that mean to you?
TATYANA McFADDEN: I'm so proud of Shalane. I think it's an incredible race for her. She works really hard, really good person. I'm so happy she won today.

Q. Congratulations.

Q. Second place, given everything that's happened to you in the past year. So given that situation and your blood clots -- I know you won Chicago amazingly.
TATYANA McFADDEN: Chicago is a little bit flatter race. It was kind of a little bit easier for my first marathon to transition into. So I knew this marathon was going to be pretty hard, but I'm really looking forward to this winter, just kind of having more of the base training where I missed all of that last year, where I missed all the heavy lifting and just more power. So I'm really looking forward to that. And taking some time off and recovering more. And hopefully next season will be off to a really good start.

Q. At what point did she pull away a little bit?
TATYANA McFADDEN: Well, she pulled away right before the climb at mile 13, and then I caught her on that long climb. And then she pulled away on the down. She was amazing on the downhills. So this year I'll really try to focus on more of the down. Yeah, looking forward to it.

Q. When did you first notice the blood clots?
TATYANA McFADDEN: So it started in February, and I had blood thinners. Then it came back in March and came back in April. So I missed three months of training, and that was really, really tough. They didn't know why it was coming back. The medication wasn't working. My levels were off. So that was really frustrating as an athlete to have all that time off and trying to deal with it.

Q. You had three surgeries?
TATYANA McFADDEN: Three surgeries, yeah, and they all failed.

Q. Failed in what way?
TATYANA McFADDEN: Like they couldn't --

Q. Blood clots kept coming back?
TATYANA McFADDEN: Yeah, the blood clots kept coming back, and they couldn't get rid of the old clots, and they were trying to regenerate the veins a little bit, and it just went back to normal. We went to a specialist in Boston, and they kind of figured out why. I had one large (indiscernible) with an artery wrapped around it. So it was kind of creating a (indiscernible). So it was already automatically doing its job without me really knowing. So it was absolutely incredible.

So the doctors said let the body adapt, just trying to figure out the right medications and, yeah, therapy. So it's all been good.

Q. What kind of training did they recommend?
TATYANA McFADDEN: I asked if I could do a marathon, and they said, well, everything looks good. I don't know if you're going to be up for a marathon. If you want to, you can.

Q. And they think it started because of lack of circulation?
TATYANA McFADDEN: Lack of circulation, exactly.

Q. Well, what's next for you?
TATYANA McFADDEN: Looking forward to the Tokyo Marathon in February and taking the rest of the winter off. I had a great season with World Championships and Chicago and coming here.

Q. Kind of ridiculous (indiscernible).
TATYANA McFADDEN: Exactly. So I'm really looking forward to next year.

Q. Tell me again where you're training.
TATYANA McFADDEN: In Champaign, Illinois.

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