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November 5, 2017

Manuela Schar

Marcel Hug

New York, New York

THE MODERATOR: We have our winners from the wheelchair race. For the women, Manuela Schar with a time of 1:48:07, a three time runner-up at this race. She's won Berlin, London, and Boston this year. Manuela Schar of Switzerland.

And our men's winner with a time of 1:37:21. He's won Berlin, Boston, and Chicago this year, also from Switzerland, Marcel Hug.

Manuela, when we talked on Friday, you said this is Tatyana McFadden's course. She's won it four times in a row. Today it was your course. What did you do differently this year?

MANUELA SCHAR: I can't believe, yeah. It's so crazy. I just put it all on one card and took a big risk and attacked a lot of times and then was able to get away and then try to really make ground on the flat, which is my strength. So I would be in front before the bridges and the climbing. I can't believe it actually turned out to be enough.

THE MODERATOR: Marcel, the last two times you've won here, it's been a little more exciting -- I mean, for the fans, not so much for you, winning by a couple hundredths of a second the last two times. Did it feel a little easier today winning by more than two minutes?

MARCEL HUG: No, it doesn't feel easy ever here in New York because the course is so tough, so many uphills. So it's always tough. But in the end, yeah, I was happy to be able to break away and finish alone after last meters on my own. Yeah, it was great.

Q. Were you a little surprised that you were able to pull away at the time you were and just open up the distance?
MARCEL HUG: Yeah, I was really surprised. First, Josh Cassidy made a first move very early on the first bridge, and so we were two together, Josh and me, and working together. But then, yes, I felt that Josh is getting tired. Then, yeah, I came away from him. I was surprised that nobody else could follow.

THE MODERATOR: You both won three major marathons this year. How do you sum up? I'll start with you, Marcel. How do you sum up a year like this where you win four Marathon Majors in the same year?

MARCEL HUG: It's amazing. It was my last race this year, and to finish a season like that is just amazing. Really happy with it. It was a great year. Couldn't expect it. I'm really happy that it went so well.

THE MODERATOR: Manuela -- Berlin, London, Boston, New York.

MANUELA SCHAR: I really need a moment because this is just too much right now. It's just amazing, and I'm more than happy because it's the last race of the season and it's New York. I mean, what would you want more? It's been the perfect year.

Q. So why do you think you were able to be so dominant this year? Obviously, culminating with this victory here in New York.
MARCEL HUG: I don't know. I mean, there are so many pieces that should be fit together like a puzzle, and I think this year and also last year it was a great season, and I think so many pieces fit together right now. My body is good. My health is good. Material is good. I'm really motivated. So, yeah, I have a great support at home from my coach and everything.

So I think at the moment, yeah, it goes very well. From race to race, yeah, I can -- my confidence grows a little bit.

Q. Congratulations both on your win. Did you find any challenges today in running?
MARCEL HUG: Yeah, the biggest challenges are the uphills. They are so, so hard, especially first bridge. Directly from the start, it's quite challenging.

MANUELA SCHAR: Oh, yeah. It was a really -- well, I would say it was the toughest race of my life. First of all, in the pack with Amanda McGrory, who was really strong all season, and, of course, Tatyana McFadden. Knowing that there's so much uphills coming and trying to like put everything on one card, that was -- yeah, it was a challenge.

Q. Was there ever a point where you had to do any special maneuvering or anything to get by?
MANUELA SCHAR: I actually had a different plan this morning. I decided not to -- to be more patient than I was in races before so I wouldn't lose too much energy before the hills. Something pushed me, though, so I just tried to attack, and I attacked like strong. So I think that was the key today.

Q. For Manuela, you closed the gap today on the leaderboard in the standings for this Abbott World Marathon Majors. How much motivation does that give you to see if you can knock Tatyana off top start early part of next year?
MANUELA SCHAR: It makes it really exciting to go into next season. They can still catch me, so I have to be ready for Tokyo and then Boston and London. But I'm super excited, especially when you can end your season like that. It gives you a lot of motivation to go into the new season. So I'm thrilled, yeah.

THE MODERATOR: A Swiss sweep today, the first time in the history of this division that two people from the same country have been champions. Does that make this victory any sweeter?

MANUELA SCHAR: It does for me. I think -- I always wonder, when I cross the finish line, who won the men's race, and to hear that it's Marcel from Switzerland, it makes it sweater, yeah.

MARCEL HUG: Yeah, for me as well. It's great. Yeah, it was really nice to come to see Manuela come through the finish line first. It was amazing.

THE MODERATOR: Congratulations to you both.

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