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November 5, 2017

Padraig Harrington

Antalya, Turkey

Q. You spoke during the week about wanting to get yourself in this position again late on a Sunday afternoon. Even though you came up short, is it still rewarding to have those juices flowing again?
Pテ.RAIG HARRINGTON: Yeah, I'm very happy leaving. I know I didn't win the tournament, but you know, Justin obviously clearly went ahead and won it. I didn't lose it. I made it quite exciting at times out there, but I was happy with what I saw in myself.

There was a lot of good things. I hit it off the tee so much better this week. Iron play wasn't as good as it could have been, but short game was sharp. So I'm very happy with where I'm at. Very positive signs for me.

Q. Can you talk about the give and take? Seems like you had to do a lot of leaderboard watching.
Pテ.RAIG HARRINGTON: For most of the day, I don't watch leaderboards. There's a lot of ebbs and flows in my own game, ups and downs. So I'm not watching leaderboards until I got to the 14th green. I wanted to know how things were going down 15. I knew I was one behind at that stage.

I make eagle, I think, you know, I'm going to be pretty good. I get to the 16th green and I'm still one behind. So the boys, fair play to the three guys ahead of me. They performed over those last holes. There's no gimmies; once you get to 16, 17, 18, they are all good holes.

They went forward, which is very impressive in themselves. I don't feel bad about coming home with an eagle and pars for my last few holes, but just they were better players today.

Q. Over the four days, you must feel like you played some really good golf on this course.
Pテ.RAIG HARRINGTON: Yeah, I drove the ball well this week. Hit a lot of really good fairway woods aggressive and hit it well off the tee and set myself up a lot. Would have liked to hit it a little closer at times but short game is sharp. I can take a lot from this week.

Q. A couple of great par saves in there, as well, hit it in the water on that fantastic approach with the spin, and it looked like you were very much in control at times out there.
Pテ.RAIG HARRINGTON: Yeah, you know, would I have been quite anxious at the start as you would expect, and then I did settle down nicely. I settled down nicely and felt good. I felt like I could go after it. For a lot of the day, I thought it was going to be my day. I think the guys just played better in the end of the day. I don't have any real regrets. I can look at the mistake on No. 11, but you know, that was the only mistake that cost me today; it's not the end of the world.

Q. Fantastic eagle on 15 which helped keep pressure right till the end.
Pテ.RAIG HARRINGTON: Yeah, I thought I was one behind playing -- I was one behind on 14, when I looked at the leaderboard. Making eagle, I thought, I should be in the lead now. I get up to the 16th green and I'm still seeing one behind. I'm going, well, these guys are really playing great golf and pushing on.

Q. On an invite this week and an invite to Nedbank next week. So you can look ahead to that knowing you're taking good form to South Africa.
Pテ.RAIG HARRINGTON: I'm looking forward to taking good form to my winter break. After that tournament, I have a good winter break where you work on things. It's nice to show some form at the end of the year and give yourself some clarity about what you're going to do during the winter.

Yeah, you're always learning about yourself. This week was a good week for me.

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