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November 4, 2017

Charley Hoffman

Las Vegas, Nevada

Q. Joined by Charley Hoffman. Longtime Las Vegas resident, a typical day here at TPC Summerlin.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I got off to a good start on the first hole, and then a couple sloppy bogies to start the day. The wind was swirling. It wasn't really blowing one speed, so it was hard (indiscernible) even par, I obviously would have liked to have a couple more birdies coming in, and be in contention.

Q. You also have specialty shoes. I know you've gotten a lot of comments about them. Can you tell us about that?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, I got some shoes made by FootJoy. Bryce Harper made it earlier this year. We're going to auction these off, and go to Charleyhoffman.com and click bid auction. It's going to end at 12 Pacific time on Monday. Most importantly to make some money for the people here in Las Vegas.

Q. You probably had expectations of what it was going to be like playing here this year. Now that you've gone through three rounds with the fans and everything, what's it been like out there for you?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Well, it's nice to be through three rounds here. In the past I've only played two. So I hunkered down a little bit more on my focus this week. Usually my Pro Am takes it out of me. It's a long week. I had my foundation event on Monday.

But this week, something special with the Vegas Strong, and obviously what happened here on October 1st. I'm playing for the victims. All my money is going to go toward them. So I don't want to waste any shots out there. Every shot I waste is not affecting me, it's affecting them. So little more focused this week. Obviously would have liked to make a few more putts and birdies. But the scores aren't going too low, which they usually do out here. I can sort of still sort of feel the leader. So if I get hot tomorrow, who knows.

Q. What has the interaction with the fans been like through the first three rounds?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Obviously, a lot of support and thanks because I'm supporting the city of Las Vegas, and the Direct Impact Fund. The stories I've heard through the people that I've met and been affected are just very humbling. I'm very lucky to have a healthy family and not have any problems.

I can't believe how much the people that survived have been affected by this. That didn't really register until I started talking to them. So anything I can do, I mean, a little bit of money hopefully goes a long way for these guys to battle through their situation.

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