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November 4, 2017

Justin Rose

Antalya, Turkey

Q. Start of the day, needed something special to get in the mix and you got it with a 64, how satisfying?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, very satisfying today. Again it was another perfect day to play golf. Got off to a good start today, 3-under through five, I think it was but felt like I could hole every hole on the front nine that. Put me in a positive mind-set. Knew there was a low score out there.

Capitalised on the par 5 on the back nine. Both of them, actually. Hit a couple good wedge shots close to the hole. All week I seem to have putted really well on the front nine but not quite as well on the back nine. I think the greens tend to get a tiny bit slower as the day goes on. So I think I need to stay a little bit more positive with the putter.

Obviously it's a great result to get within shouting distance tomorrow.

Q. Yesterday you said you didn't play particularly well at all and your short game kept you in it. How did you turn it around today because it looked really good at times today.
JUSTIN ROSE: Today was the best I've played all week, and maybe even better than last week. I just felt really comfortable out on the golf course today.

I simplified a couple things. Been working on a few things on the range, and I continue to work on them all week, week-in and week-out, and continue to work even though I'm playing tournaments.

I simplified it today. I felt like I stayed on the ball a bit better on my backswing. Basically kept my head still, if you want to kind of simplify it. That was kind of the thought for today.

Q. Dual agenda for you: Obviously got a chance to win, back-to-back wins, and also chasing Tommy Fleetwood and you have an opportunity to make up ground. How excited are you about that?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, for sure. I don't know Tommy, what he shot today, but any Euro is going to be a handy Euro. If I was to play well in Dubai and win there, then whatever cheque I make tomorrow could be very valuable. Of course everything's to play for every shot counts at this stage of the season.

Q. What was your strategy coming into today?
JUSTIN ROSE: I was thinking about asking good questions, hitting good shots today and really, really committing with freedom. That was my intention today. If I can do that, then hopefully a good round would happen, and I'll be able to shoot low. I kind of knew I had a low round in me this week, and to find it today was very handy, obviously moving day.

Clearly Nicolas has struggled to help out the pack a touch. Yeah, all to play for tomorrow. Just to be within shouting distance going into tomorrow is all I could have asked for today.

Q. How important was the run you went on starting at 12, four straight birdies?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, 12 is a very birdieable par 5. Hit a good drive, 4-iron in, a hole you want to capitalise on. Managed to hit a couple wedges within a couple feet of the hole, and hit a nice 8-iron into the par 3, 14 and made a 6- or 7-footer there. They were all kind of easy birdies, so to speak. But I had to hit some good shots and it was nice to capitalise on the wedges.

Q. Finally, can you talk about: Is this the best golf you've played all season?
JUSTIN ROSE: I feel like probably in the most control. Since the FedExCup started, really I've been playing really, really solid golf. I've been very consistent, so I think it's a continuation of that.

Obviously the confidence always increases after a win. You start to be a little bit freer, so this week could be a byproduct of that. My golf going into Augusta was also really, really good and the golf after Augusta was some of my best golf.

Nice to be starting the season strong and nice to be ending the season strong.

Q. A feeling you could have been one or two more shots better off?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, maybe. I think as a golfer you always walk off going, there could have been one or two more putts that fell or whoever it might be. Overall very happy with that. I don't know what the lead is going to finish but right now within two, and if you had given me that at the beginning of the day, I'd have been delighted.

I knew I had a low round in me. Although I didn't go out chasing today; I wanted to go out really focused and really free and really committed to my shots. I think I hit my irons better because of that today.

Q. We spoke earlier in the week about winning last week and the confidence that brought into this week. Do you feel that you're riding on that still? You've only dropped shots on one hole this week; that was the second back on Thursday.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, give some credit to my caddie, Fooch, for that. I think he walked the course Monday and got a really good hand on it from the word go. It's the kind of golf course that takes driver out of my hand a little bit, which has been one of my strongest clubs. Certainly was that week.

From that point of view, I didn't think it set up brilliant for me, but at the same time I think I've been very patient on this golf course and I think it showed in the fact that I haven't made many mistakes.

Q. The way it's going today, looks like it's going to be an exciting final day with a big bunch at the top of the leaderboard.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, everything is condensing. You know someone in that pack is going to play well tomorrow. From my point of view, still means it's a day to be aggressive in mind-set and go and chase it.

I think there might be a bit of an unknown with some weather tomorrow. Might be some rain in the forecast which is unheard of with how beautiful the whole week's been. That could be another spanner in the works. We'll just wake up and see what the day gives us, but it's nice to have a chance.

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