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November 3, 2017

Sloane Stephens

Zhuhai, China

B. STRYCOVA/S. Stephens

5-0 [Ret.]

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. Tough way to end it. Can you just talk through what you were feeling on the court and why you had to make that decision?
SLOANE STEPHENS: Yeah. My knee wasn't doing what I wanted it to do, left knee. So, yeah, it's like it's better to just stop now, because obviously I wasn't moving too quickly out there. I just thought, yeah, better if I just stop.

Q. Had you been feeling it before the tournament at all or just something that kind of picked up over practice or today or...
SLOANE STEPHENS: I mean, I have had it for a while. Obviously having foot surgery, a little bit of overcompensation. Just, you know, trying to make -- trying to keep playing, and I think now it's kind of just catching up with me.

I think it's better now that I take care of it and try to recover as much as I can.

Q. Just looking ahead to Fed Cup, you know, what do you know about kind of the Belarusian team that's being fielded there and also the decision to kind of take the call and finish off your season in Fed Cup?
SLOANE STEPHENS: Yeah, I don't know who's playing for the other team. Do you know?

Q. Sabalenka and...
SLOANE STEPHENS: Oh, I know the other one.

Q. The other one with an "S."
SLOANE STEPHENS: Yeah, her. Yeah no, I don't know much about them, but I'm sure obviously we are playing in Belarus, so it will be tough.

Before the US Open I never even thought I would be called to play, so it's pretty awesome. I'm excited to be able to play.

Obviously I've got to get my knee in order first. Hopefully I can do that before next weekend.

Q. I just want to ask how you feel about, like, your recent run of matches. Are you kind of happy with your performance or are you feeling a bit like you have ended on a low? How would you summarize it?
SLOANE STEPHENS: Don't play tournaments when you're not ready to play. Don't play injured. I wouldn't say that it's a low. I mean, I did just win the US Open, so it's not that bad.

But I think that playing tournaments when you're not ready is probably "the" worst possible thing you can do, and I think the last tournaments I have played, last three tournaments, have been a good example of that.

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