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November 3, 2017

Matthew Fitzpatrick

Antalya, Turkey

Q. 2-under par for your first 24 holes, 6-under for the last 12. What changed?
MATT FITZPATRICK: Just made a few putts. Made a couple sort of outside 15 feet, which is sort of obviously always a nice addition, and then stiffed a 3-wood on the par 5, 15. That made life a lot easier sort of eagling that hole.

Yeah, sort of just played nicely today. Gave myself good chances. Struggled on the greens yesterday. Caddie's helping me read them ever since. Jamie's done a great job, really.

Q. You didn't play here last year, so this is your first look at the golf course. When you first saw it, did you think, this is right up my street?
MATT FITZPATRICK: I guess so. Although I sort of looked at the stats from last year and Thorbjørn didn't hit a lot of fairways but he hit a lot of greens. Obviously he won, and I think it was sort of the same for everyone. We thought it was a bit of a bomber's course and you can spray it, but when you get here, you realise you do have to hit a lot of fairways. I think hitting all fairways makes it easier to hit the greens, as well.

Q. Since winning in Switzerland, you've had four Top 15 finishes. So obviously a consistent run of form. What's been behind that?
MATT FITZPATRICK: Just driving it well. Been gaining with the driver every week I've played now.

That's really turned around a lot since about Czech Masters. Had a bit of a team meeting with everyone just trying to figure out where we want to go with my swing and everything and looking at the stats and the numbers, and that was a big thing that came up. That's given me much more chances from the fairway to take advantage.

Q. Lots of putts out there today, a long one on 17 and that one on 18 that just lipped-out; could have seen you even a shot better off.
MATT FITZPATRICK: Yeah, it was much better today. Yesterday I gave myself the same amount of chances, seven inside 15 feet and just didn't hole them. Whereas today, I had Jamie, my caddie, reading them and just sort of taking advantage of those chances, really. Yeah, nice to make them.

Q. The stand-out on the card today was the eagle on 15.
MATT FITZPATRICK: Yeah, we were a little bit in between whether to go for it or not. But yeah, we went for it and paid off nicely.

Q. Plenty of people have found it problematic with the trees, but one dropped shot in two days, that must be pleasing, as well.
MATT FITZPATRICK: Absolutely. It's been a common theme in the last few weeks, really, not dropping too many shots. Obviously want that to continue, but there's going to be times where it's going to be tough. It's not easy out there. I think I'm just going to try to keep doing what I'm doing.

Q. It's been another great year for you this year. How excited are you about this end of season, and of course Dubai coming up in a couple weeks' time, an event you know well?
MATT FITZPATRICK: Yeah, it's going to be nice to go back and defence. First defence on the same golf course. Yeah, that's going to be exciting and I'm really looking forward to it.

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