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November 3, 2017

Shane Lowry

Antalya, Turkey

Q. 8-under par, is that a reflection of your play?
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, I suppose it is. To be honest, I'm not that comfortable out there but I seem to be getting the job done. I hit it close a lot today, and yeah, I hit a few bad tee shots towards the end that I wasn't quite comfortable with. But I'll head to the range now and try and sort it out for the weekend.

Yeah, 8-under is pretty good for two rounds. I'm pretty happy with that and I'm looking forward to the week good.

Q. What's the mind-set when you're standing on the tee and you're not completely comfortable? How do you get it around, because obviously the viewer at home would be longing to know.
SHANE LOWRY: For me, I just pick a target where I want to hit it and I just try to commit to the shot that I want to hit. You might as well try and hit a good shot as try not to hit a bad one, you know. That's kind of the way I play.

Yeah, I drove it lovely for yesterday and the first 12 holes today, 13 holes today. But yeah, just got a little bit uncomfortable towards the end. Yeah, I'll be fine.

Q. Talking to P√°draig Harrington recently in one of our master, classes and he said he ""doesn't need any chipping aids or practise tools because I just chip against Shane Lowry." Who wins these chipping conditions you have?
SHANE LOWRY: This week, P√°draig is 1-up on me this week. He won two and I won one. We only had three games.

It was funny, I play P√°draig, and we go to like all sorts of places. We were practising out of pine straw during the week and I happened to have one yesterday, a really tough one and got it up-and-down. The chipping games definitely work. It's a great way of practising, and for anyone at home, it's the only way to practise in my opinion.

Q. You just mentioned that you weren't comfortable out there in that round, but with a 5-under 66, how do you keep things together when you don't have that comfort?
SHANE LOWRY: Just need to pick targets and hit good shots. I was comfortable for a lot of it, for the front nine, and parts of the back nine, but a few tee shots I just didn't really fancy out there today. I hit a couple of bad tee shots and got lucky a couple of times, and you know, it was one of those days.

Q. When you look at the way that the scores are grouped together right now, you have a large group at second; Nicolas Colsaerts seemed to separate himself. What do you do going into the weekend?
SHANE LOWRY: That bogey on the last means I'm definitely not going to be playing with him tomorrow.

So maybe that's a good thing that I won't be watching him as much as I'll be focusing on trying to make birdies as much as I can.

When there's someone that far ahead, you just have to keep going and make as many birdies as you can, and hopefully they don't make as many as they have the previous couple of days.

Q. Looks like the kind of golf course you can go very, very low on. Last year Thorbj√łrn Olesen finished at 20-under. Do you enjoy that kind of golf that you can be aggressive and make birdies?
SHANE LOWRY: Honestly, no. I prefer when it's quite tough, and I prefer when we're playing tough golf courses. The funny thing is, I believe there's bad weather coming in here tomorrow, some rain. That's going to make it a little bit more difficult and par is going to be a good score. Maybe I'll do well with that.

Q. A 66 today, seven birdies on the card. That must be pleasing. I know there were a couple of blips but maybe a little bit inevitable on this golf course.
SHANE LOWRY: It is the type of course, if you drive it well, you can make a lot of birdies. I was driving it lovely for the first number of holes and gave myself a lot of chances. The greens are beautiful. When you give yourself a chance, you hit a good putt, they generally go in.

Yeah, it was a good day and I'm looking forward to the weekend.

Q. What's pleased you most today?
SHANE LOWRY: Just the way I hung in. It was one of those days, I got a couple of good breaks on the back nine, and you know, I hit a really bad tee shot on 15 and 16 and made par and birdie on those two holes.

On a different day, it could be different but what pleased me most is when I wasn't comfortable, I still stood up there and tried to hit the best shot I could. That's all you can do in this game. I'll go to the weekend and see what I can do.

Q. Do you enjoy playing this kind of golf course and the challenges it presents?
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, I mean, it's nice. Like I prefer if it was difficult but the golf course is very nice here. It's in superb condition. It's a great week here. The hotel is fantastic and everyone has a great time here. The weather is lovely for now. I think it's supposed to be a little bit iffy tomorrow. But yeah, it's a lovely week and a great golf course, and really enjoyable to play.

Q. Obviously going into the weekend, there will be a little bit of a gap it looks like between you and Nicolas Colsaerts and other players, but it just goes to show like last week that it doesn't mean that you're completely out of it?
SHANE LOWRY: Listen, there's a lot of golf to be played. There's 36 holes. There's plenty of holes where you can make big numbers out here. For all of us that are in the field, up near the top of the leaderboard, we all just need to go out and hit good shots and see what we can do.

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