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November 3, 2017

Eddie Pepperell

Antalya, Turkey

Q. Your consecutive 66s first two rounds. Yesterday you told us the long game wasn't all that and the putting was good. What was the story today?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Mostly the same, really. I felt like I played really solid most of the round until 16 and 17. They weren't great tee shots. The one on 16 threw me a little bit. But nice way to finish. Try and improve a little bit on the long game over the weekend and keep the putter feeling nice.

Q. 12 months ago, you were at Tour School trying to regain your playing rights, and now you're playing in a 7 million event with no cut, beautiful weather, great course. Does the struggle you went through last year make moments like this more enjoyable?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Not really. I never enjoy it. Of course I'd rather be here than Catalunya, but you know, it's golf, isn't it. What can I say? I'm playing better. I'll always enjoy playing good golf whether I'm playing on the Euro Pro Tour or The European Tour. Doesn't really matter too much. Just want to feel comfortable on the course and hit good shots. That's where I get most of my enjoy out of the golf.

Q. Yesterday you were saying how much you enjoy this place and how well you were being looked after, and you found the ice creme parlour. Tell me about the ice creme parlour?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: I actually haven't had much ice cream. Paul has had all the ice creme. Has a Rolex on his wrist; put on too much weight. But I've had a few bits of milk chocolate. It's nice.

But it was perfect playing conditions again. I felt like my game was in good shape all the way around. A couple iffy tee shots coming in, but staying patient and not trying to make any silly errors. When I wasn't quite close to the hole on a couple of holes, had to 2-putt, but didn't make any silly errors.

The good thing is when I'm hitting my good shots, I seem to be making the most of them. That's always nice. You generally tend to move one way up the leaderboard when you do that. Two more days to try to do the same.

Q. Quite a few bogeys and double bogeys out there for a lot of people today. You've had one bogey in two rounds. That must be pleasing on this golf course?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Well, I don't want to tempt fate. There's certainly a few tee shots, you can make bogey or maybe double. If you can avoid the hazards, you should shoot under par around here. It's easy to hit in some of the hazards I guess.

Q. Bearing in mind the leader has a little bit of a gap at the moment, how important was that birdie, birdie finish to get you into double figures under par?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Yeah, very. I actually looked at the leaderboard walking to the 16th green and had a par putt to stay at 8-under.

So I was a bit -- I was kicking myself, because I thought if I miss this, then I'm seven behind, and it's not -- you can get that, but it's a lot on Nicolas to be honest.

Yeah, the way I finished be to only be four back, certainly makes the opportunity to win or catch Nicolas lot more achievable over the next two days.

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