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November 2, 2017

Eddie Pepperell

Antalya, Turkey

Q. Your run of good form continues with another 66 today. How well did you play?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Putted well. I didn't play -- didn't quite have my game. I hit a lot of shots right off the tee. You know, I'm happy with that to be honest. I feel I can tidy a couple of things up this afternoon and tomorrow morning. Nothing structurally wrong.

I think it was just an off-day with a couple of tee shots but the iron play was good. I took advantage of a lot of good iron shots when I did hit them and holed some nice putts whether they were for birdies or pars. Yeah, it was nice to have found some greens that were quick. I've always putted better on quick greens.

Q. You said something interesting recently. You said "every round has a rhythm and it's my job to immerse myself in that rhythm." Just elaborate on that.
EDDIE PEPPERELL: I think what I meant by that was it's key into a weekend, particularly on a Sunday. You know, theoretically, there's no reason if you're playing well why you should not go out there and shoot a good score. I think the only thing that gets in your way is yourself. That's the scenario.

So what I've always tried to do is whether you start with a bogey, birdie or a par, you get a feeling as a player how the swing feels and kind of the general feeling and the rhythm of the round is kind of moving along, and it's up to you to respond. Mentally, that's where you sort either stay calm or focus harder or react in different ways. That was I think what I meant. Does that make any sense to you?

Q. It made absolute sense. Always fascinating to hear your thoughts.
Six birdies and just one dropped shot today. You must be pretty pleased with your opening day's work?

EDDIE PEPPERELL: Two weeks off, so it was a little bit edgy -- not edgy, but first couple of holes were just see where we are and started birdie, birdie. It was like I haven't had any time off to be fair.

It was a nice start. Didn't play brilliantly to be honest but I felt like I hit a number of good shots, particularly with my irons and putted nice. So very steady start and nice platform to build on.

Q. It's been a great run for you of late and put you in a strong position in The Race to Dubai, 45th coming into this week. So to get that run of results and be playing here with a bit of confidence must also be very pleasing.
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Yeah, absolutely. I'm well aware that it's Q-School this week and next week, and 12 months on to not be there and to be here is a nice change.

So yeah, what can I say, the game is -- I've got a pretty good, I would say, a pretty good strangle hold on the key areas of the game. The scoring is reflecting that.

Q. Pretty good conditions here in Turkey. How much are you enjoying the overall experience? The golf course is in fantastic condition?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Yeah, it's perfect. Even the ice cream parlor and the chocolate we get free at night, it doesn't get any better: Beautiful place, beautiful hotel, beautiful course, perfect weather.

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