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June 12, 2004

Vijay Singh


Q. It seemed like it was a little frustrating out there for you.

VIJAY SINGH: It was too long, too much waiting. I don't mind waiting a little bit, but when you wait every shot, it just throws -- it's not waiting for five minutes; it's waiting for 15, 20, 25 minutes at some holes, and that's not the way to play golf anyway. You've got to be patient. I'll come out tomorrow. I'm still in the hunt, so I'll come out tomorrow and make some early birdies and we'll see what we can do.

Q. 7 in particular was a big hole because of everybody driving the green.

VIJAY SINGH: Well, we waited on 4, there were two groups on 4, and then we waited on 5. There were two groups on 5, and there was two groups on 6, and we waited there, and back on 10 again. It was a constant wait every hole, and you cannot get a momentum going, especially when it's backed up like that. It needs to be moving.

It's a shame, but maybe tomorrow they're going to get something solved. I think we're playing three balls tomorrow, so that will help.

Q. One of the guys said that he thought the pin positions being in tricky spots and everybody putting and chipping --

VIJAY SINGH: No, I think we're hitting the ball so much further with dryer conditions, it's going so much further, you've got to have 10 and 7 call-up holes and when you don't do that, that's where the backup comes up.

Q. Do you think the golf course is too short?

VIJAY SINGH: Well, it's not an easy golf course. Look at the leaderboard. 12 is leading. If it was short, then it would be a different story. It is a short golf course but it's a tricky golf course, but at the same time it's a difficult golf course.

When you miss greens on par 4s where you're waiting for the greens to clear, 10 and 7 for that matter, it takes a lot more time to get up-and-down, so that's probably why it's just backed up all the way.

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