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October 31, 2017

Tommy Fleetwood

Antalya, Turkey

Q. You've been top of The Race to Dubai rankings for some considerable time but now we're getting to the business end and there are some big names closing behind you, Sergio Garcia and Justin Rose among them. Could be a fascinating end to the season.
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: I hope not. I hope it gets to Dubai and it's a boring end.

It's brilliant, isn't it. New experiences for me. Never ever been close. I think there's always goals going on in between. I think I've just got over 4 million Euros now and that's an amazing achievement in itself.

Yeah, I think you put it any way you want, whether it's pressure or not; it's the best kind of pressure you can possibly have, trying to win The Race to Dubai. I'm enjoying it. Like I said, it's a new experience, and got some of the best players in the world behind me. At the moment, I'm on top.

Q. You mentioned a new experience. This time last year it was a completely different scenario, you were down at either end of the scale. Has this year exceeded your expectations?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: By a long way, actually. It couldn't have started off any better. I know the season started in Hong Kong and I finished third, and then I won the first event of this year, Abu Dhabi.

But you still never know where it's going to take you. I think I've had performances this year that have -- I know I've played well and I've obviously improved my game a lot, but it's massively built my confidence up, the runs I had in México and the U.S. Open. Those things just do masses for your confidence.

I've had experience this year on and off the course that have just done me a world of good, really.

Q. It was a slow start for you at this tournament last year but you had a couple of great rounds over the weekend. How does this course play in terms of your game?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: I like it. Last year I was disappointed because I was playing well, and then I just didn't -- I obviously didn't do very well in the first two days, and then the weekend, I did a lot better from a long way down. It's a great layout, great course.

I think if I remember right, you have to, apart from this one par 5 that's not really reachable, but you have to make the most of the par 5s, which it's the same on a lot of courses but particularly these ones where you kind of know scoring is going to be quite low but you have to play well to get a score.

I like the layout. I think there's a lot of holes where you can hit driver. I think if you drive it well, you're going to give yourself a lot of chances.

Hopefully swinging it well, it's a course that suits me.

Q. How nice is it recharging and then coming back into these big events going into the end of the season?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Great. I'm having a fantastic time at home. It didn't get any better than that at the moment. It's nice having both things going on. I've had a great time this year with my golf, but home couldn't be going any better and I've loved it.

These events, there are people that are tired. It's a long year. There's a lot of traveling to and from these last few events, so it's difficult. But these are great events, massive events, and I think, yeah, this year, it's the first time my energy -- even though I'm not sleeping great at home when I do go, yeah, it's great to have -- I feel like I I can come out and I'm ready to work and practise a lot and play and enjoy the events, because they are brilliant.

Q. Just tell us about the 16th tee here. It's a slightly unique tee box, isn't it.
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah, I know. Do you know every time you walk past it, all you want to do is just jump into that little pool on the left. It like the nicest-looking swimming pool of all time. It's great.

It's obviously unique. I think it's brilliant to have something like that. Nowhere else has it. Right on top of the villa, I wouldn't be that happy if I lived there, but it's brilliant, like I say, that little pool at the front, it's just calling my name and I just never go in.

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