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October 29, 2017

Timea Babos

Andrea Hlavackova

Kallang, Singapore


4-6, 6-4, 10-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. When we spoke in the spring, you were about to start playing with Timea and you were cautiously optimistic, given how the start of the year had gone. Could you have imagined this level of success?
ANDREA HLAVACKOVA: Yeah, I have had, in the past, this level of success, I would think. I mean, of course it's amazing to, you know, go all the way and win an event like this, because for me it's equal to a Grand Slam.

So, you know, I have had some finals in the past years. It's very big difference to have ended up as a first (smiling).

Yeah, I was very positive. That was the goal, and that's why we work and that's the main thing. We wanted to achieve one big, huge success like this. It happened, so of course it's rewarding a lot.

Q. Every partnership is different. What do you think is the biggest takeaway from this partnership with Timea? And, Timea, the same? You with Andrea?
TIMEA BABOS: I think our game complements each other very well. Yeah, definitely the key to our success. I think we really played well this week. We put our game together for this one, and we really beat the best teams in the world. Yeah, I'm very, very happy with how we performed here.

Q. Timea, quite a roller coaster for you this season. What does it mean to get this big title to finish this season?
TIMEA BABOS: Yeah, I had a lot of up-and-downs, for sure. Most important that since the summer I really started to play better. I had some finals in singles, some great wins in doubles.

We were playing a lot of finals. To end the season like this in doubles and also in singles, you know, it was very, very important for me to turn the page and to finish well. So of course very, very happy to make it like that.

Q. How would you guys characterize the doubles season this year? That's the question. How would you characterize it?

Q. Yeah, overall. A lot of different teams and new combinations and things like that. You guys are sitting here holding the trophy at the end of the year.
TIMEA BABOS: As I heard before, it's a roller coaster. I think right now women's tennis in doubles or singles, it's pretty much the same. Anyone can win. I think it makes it very interesting.

To see new faces as in singles or to see new faces as in doubles, I think it's good for the competition. So, yeah, as a new team, also, we ended up winning here. I think it's very, very positive.

Q. The intensity level out there was quite high between both teams. Just kind of talk through that match. How were you able to just get that in the end?
ANDREA HLAVACKOVA: I think, yeah, we definitely played -- I mean, from my position, for sure, I played better, like, in the past two matches. But I have to give it to the opponents, you know. They changed the game. They served so well. They didn't let us in the match as much as the previous opponents.

It was a very tough match to turn around, but I think in the end, I think you changed it. We were very, like, loud and we started to scream, "Come on," on every ball. We turned it inside of us around. We started to believe that this match is not going from us.

And in the super-tiebreak, we were just outstanding, I think.

Q. Looking ahead to 2018, I have heard maybe not 100% whether you'll play together again, but with this title -- no?
ANDREA HLAVACKOVA: You sound so sad (smiling).

Q. Any immediate plans with you? Obviously Leticia Chan is looking for a partner.
ANDREA HLAVACKOVA: Yeah, I will have to make some final decisions next week, and that's when I'm going to announce everything.

Q. Timea, for you, back to focusing on singles or are you hoping for another consistent partnership, as well?
TIMEA BABOS: Yeah, I will continue the doubles, for sure, but maybe with less doubles tournaments. I think my plan is in my schedule to play around 12 doubles tournaments. So, yeah, I mean, of course I'm still young, so I would like to play more singles.

As we said before, I had a very difficult singles season, but I turned it around, so I'm looking forward for the next season.

Q. Quite a year for you. Talk about 2017, how memorable this year is going to be just for you and you look back on it.
ANDREA HLAVACKOVA: I think if someone would tell me what everything happened, I would not believe, and that it ended up like this, I would be, like, okay, you're kidding, because -- yeah, I really felt like getting into a season which is first time for me just doubles was very challenging. I didn't know where I'm going. I don't know where I'm going to end up, because you never know when you start to lose singles matches in and you're purely singles player. Even my doubles game is very singles.

So of course I was a bit worried, but I started the year amazing, and then I continued and the partners were changing and everything kept on going.

So, yeah, I mean, I'm very happy. It was a great learning experience for me. I take it like that. I'm very, very happy about it.

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