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October 29, 2017

Cristie Kerr

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

CHRISTINA LANCE: We're here with the lady of the hour, 20-time now LPGA winner, Cristie Kerr, made what she says is a 36-foot putt on the final hole to win with a birdie on No. 18.

Cristie, welcome to the media center. Was that the most you've ever had to grind it out in a final round?

CRISTIE KERR: I mean, winning's never easy. But certainly today, the pins were tougher, and just when I hit it close, the reads were really tough. It was just really a tough day, you know, and also the delay. Sometimes one putt can erase a whole tough day.

CHRISTINA LANCE: And you had that one putt. Tell us about that. You're standing over it, looking at 36-feet between you and a victory.

CRISTIE KERR: Yeah, I knew it was going to be like a five-way playoff. I was just like, got to do it. Got to do it. I was just, the only thing I could control was trusting my line and hitting the putt with the speed to make it, and I did it. Never left the hole. It never even tried to lip out.

CHRISTINA LANCE: Where does this rank among the many putts in your career? And you're known for your putts.

CRISTIE KERR: Yeah, every win is different. I've been fortunate to have an amazing career so far, and they are all so different.

CHRISTINA LANCE: I want to take you back a little earlier. You went bogey, birdie, bogey, birdie, to finish it up. Did you know what you needed? Were you watching scoreboards? How aware were you of what was going on around you.

CRISTIE KERR: I was pretty aware, but I knew the other thing I could control was trying to do the best I could on every shot, just like I said yesterday.

You know, that's what I did. With a little more adrenaline today, it was a little more difficult to execute the way I wanted to. Being in the final group on Sunday, you know, coming down to the wire, that's what you feel.

And I've been there enough to know that you just take deep breaths and you do the best you could. I've won 20 times, but still, I had a gap wedge, which is basically a sand wedge at the last hole, perfect club, and I blocked it 36 feet. Just shows you, it's never easy to win.

I didn't get to do the speech up there, so there's some people I definitely want to thank: The Sime Darby Group for hosting this tournament and the charity they support and the campaign this year, Women With Drive, it's incredibly impressive what they do. So thank you for that.

So the Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club, this has always been one of my favorite courses in Asia and to win here is truly truly special. There are some secondary sponsors -- main partners, not secondary: Bank of Singapore, SamDaSoo Water, Amnig, Singapore Airlines. And of course all the marshals and volunteers. And very important people, chairman of Sime Darby, Tun Musa Hitam, the CEO; Steven Thielke and his team at the Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club, especially the grounds crew. The course was second to none this week. Tournament staff, volunteers and last but not least, I want to say hi to my husband and my son and my parents and my coach and everybody at home, and to my amazing sponsors. Thank you very much.

CHRISTINA LANCE: You mentioned the work this tournament does with cancer awareness and focusing on breast cancer with Pink Saturday yesterday. We all know that's a cause that's so dear to you; you wear it on your hat. I'm sure this is extremely special now to tie your 20th win in with something that you are so endeared to.

CRISTIE KERR: Yeah, for sure. I love the work that they do and I've supported the charity forever. I haven't been here in a few years due to scheduling. But you know, going to see the hospital center and what they do and how much money they spend on women and families getting more awareness to this disease is pretty unbelievable. I'm going to be making a donation. I haven't wrapped my head around how much yet because this has been so crazy since the last putt, but we'll be making a donation to the charity.

Q. When you finished, you pointed to the sky, was that to do with the cancer?
CRISTIE KERR: Yeah, of course, I pointed to the sky because I have this amazing talent because of God, what God has given me. And to not only for personal achievement, but to be able to do the stuff off the course, as well, is pretty special. So yeah, I'm going to be making a donation to the foundation. Like I said, I haven't wrapped my head around how much right now because it's been crazy. Basically had a bathroom break since we got done. It's just crazy.

Q. How was the golf course today?
CRISTIE KERR: The golf course is always perfect here. I feel like -- I beat the No. 1 player in the world today, Shanshan, she's pretty much unbeatable on this golf course. She's finished 1, 2, 1, 2, on this golf course the last five or six years. Feels good.

Q. Always a sensitive question. You must be feeling really great to be able to compete with much younger players and still win at 40.
CRISTIE KERR: Yeah, for sure. I mean, Juli Inkster's pretty much my idol, and she's still playing and she's in her mid-50s. I've always loved this game. It's always been -- whatever I've had in my life or I've done in my life, it's been because of golf. No matter how much it breaks your heart sometimes, if you have the talent that God's given me, you've got to push forward. I've done some pretty amazing things in my life.

Q. With the rebranding to TPC Kuala Lumpur, will you be back here next year you? Talked about scheduling conflicts?
CRISTIE KERR: I would think so.

Q. Awesome win. Anything on the greens in particular you were feeling? Your putting stats are phenomenal.
CRISTIE KERR: The greens are rolling very well. This is a very grainy type of grass and the condition is fantastic. I grew up on very grainy greens in Florida in Miami, and I feel like I've always been able to read them very well.

Today the pins were really tricky, so it was tougher, and I think you saw the scores weren't quite as low. But it's fantastic, the whole condition of the course.

CHRISTINA LANCE: One final question. You started on the LPGA in 19 7. This many years later, picking up your 20th win; in 1997, did 1997 Cristie Kerr think she would be here?

CRISTIE KERR: I mean, in my heart of hearts, I thought I would, but there's many things to go through in life. It's been quite a ride.

CHRISTINA LANCE: Well, we're glad that you've let us ride along with you.

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