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October 27, 2017

Simona Halep

Kallang, Singapore


6-3, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. It's the end of the season and you must be relieved, but what are your feelings after that?
SIMONA HALEP: Well, first, it's good. It's a good feeling that it's over (smiling) because it's been like a marathon the last months. Many things happening and also a bit of pressure.

So, yeah, I think I played better than Wozniacki's match, and this was my goal, actually. Of course I did everything I could and I wanted to win it, but just didn't happen.

She played really well, and she deserved to win. I'm not sad. Of course I'm upset that I lost, but it's been a great year and I'm happy to go to the holiday now.

Q. Just playing out there, how did you feel on the court? Did you feel like the energy levels were there, the intensity? What was the feeling?
SIMONA HALEP: Today I just felt 100% that the court is not for me and I cannot finish a point. It's not going. So it was a little bit tough to find the rhythm and also to make a winner. Of course, my game is not making winners all the time but a little bit more.

So my feeling is that I fought. I fought till the end. It was a good match. Not great, but was good match.

Q. How quickly were you able to transition from the disappointment maybe of walking off the court to, okay, season's done?
SIMONA HALEP: After seven minutes (smiling). In the locker room I said that it's been a great year. Actually, now, I found out I'm close to finish No. 1, so I thought I would be like 4 after this tournament, but now I have a good chance.

It was really good that I could touch the No. 1 this year. It was my goal, so I'm okay.

Q. The first time you played Singapore, obviously you had a phenomenal tournament. Last couple of times or three times it's been difficult getting that last match to get into the semis. Do you see any difference in the last three years versus the first year?
SIMONA HALEP: If we see the results, not, not a big difference. I'm a different player, for sure. Even if I did the same result here, I'm a different player and I'm stronger.

I think I improved a lot in myself and also in my game. I will not let this tournament to ruin everything I built this year, so I'm okay and looking already forward to the next year to have a good, a better start.

Q. Were you following the score of the previous match, Caro's match? Was it tough mentally then to go on the court? You could have been already qualified or...
SIMONA HALEP: I didn't win a set, so even if Wozniacki could win that match, I wouldn't have been qualified.

So I didn't follow. I just watch a little bit, because I like to watch tennis. But I had nothing in my mind about this. I just wanted to play and to win the match. That was all.

Q. My question is actually similar, but it sounds like you were aware of the scenarios before the match. Normally, for a tennis player, a match is either must win or not. You're used to, week to week, having to win a match. I just wondered if the round-robin format, does it maybe add pressure or extra complications?
SIMONA HALEP: I just talked to my coach before the match that this system, I don't like. You stay, like, in the stress all week. Even if you lose, of course, you have another chance, but I just want to be, like, you lose, you go home. You know something (smiling), yes or no.

But it's good for some players that are losing the first match. They have another chance. So I always win the first one and then I lose. So is not a good thing for me. But maybe I can improve the next years.

Q. Since this is the last time probably we will be talking to you until January...
SIMONA HALEP: I'll miss you.

Q. Right back at you. But just talking about the season a little bit and obviously the highs and the lows, but when you look back on it, what is the high and what is the low? Simple as that.
SIMONA HALEP: Very simple, yeah. The low is the beginning of the year, those three, four months. And the highest is, of course, Beijing when I touched the No. 1. But also, all the way since Stuttgart till this day, it was like a marathon, like I said at the beginning. I feel that all my energy is gone. I need to rest, and I need to celebrate what I did this year.

Q. Last year around this time you already had an idea how you wanted to spend your preseason. Curious if you're going to do the same thing or planning something different?
SIMONA HALEP: This is tough to tell you now. I have no idea. First time going to have a holiday. Then I will decide where I'm training. Probably home. It's tough to leave, because then I will travel a lot again. But I'm not very sure.

Q. Based on what you have seen so far, who do you think has what it takes to win the tournament this year?
SIMONA HALEP: All four that are in the semis, they have a chance to win.

Q. First of all, are you going immediately home or sticking around? Secondly, are you going to be in Karolina Pliskova's box tomorrow?
SIMONA HALEP: I don't know. I have to wait for something here.

But, no, I will decide later when I'm leaving. But, you know, I'm in the same position like Karolina was in Wimbledon. I will just wait. I'm not thinking about being No. 1. I'm telling the truth now. I will wait and we will see who is going to finish.

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