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October 27, 2017

Madalene Sagstrom

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Q. A nice 66 today. You're in second, one back going into the weekend. Is this the highest you've been up in the leaderboard in your career, and how do you feel?
MADELENE SAGSTROM: I feel great. I had a really good run for it after the rain delay and I was really excited to get some good shots back. I started rolling the putter really well. I'm just enjoying it out here. I'm not trying to focus on the leaderboard at the moment. I'm just trying to go out and play good golf and have fun.

Q. You had two bogeys to start off with. What was it that clicked for you coming out a little later?
MADELENE SAGSTROM: I would say probably try a little bit too hard. It's all about going back to finding the rhythm. I have an easy time starting to think too much, so it's about finding the right position. It's not the job on the course. I'm just trying to get back into what I know works, and I kind of got back in that rhythm afterwards.

I told Josh, Okay, we'll start over, right now, and just play our way in. And I'm really excited about the way I played. It kind of was a good break and just reset, going back to the things I know work.

Q. Two straight days playing in the last group and playing with Shanshan. What's the whole experience like, perhaps some new territory in your LPGA career?
MADELENE SAGSTROM: Absolutely. Every opportunity I get to play in the last groups, it's just awesome because I keep learning and keep building. Playing with Shanshan is awesome because she's so relaxed. It's just awesome to watch. I'm trying to take some of that, and it really doesn't matter. I'm going to go out and do my best and that's all I can do. I keep learning and keep building. It's an amazing experience.

Q. And this afternoon, the weather break?
MADELENE SAGSTROM: It was so hot in the beginning, and then the rain came and now -- it's still hot, but it's bearable. It's so nice. It was great.

Q. What do you do this evening to relax and get ready for tomorrow?
MADELENE SAGSTROM: I'm going to go get some food, put my legs high and then just relax. I'm going to get some stretching and try to get to sleep. I feel like it's important when it's so hot to hydrate and sleep as much as we can.

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