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October 26, 2017

Jelena Ostapenko

Kallang, Singapore

J. OSTAPENKO/K. Pliskova

6-3, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Not a lot of players get to finish their season with a win. That has to feel pretty good.
JELENA OSTAPENKO: Yeah, I mean, it was my last match here today. I really tried to enjoy every moment. I think I was playing quite relaxed, and I just showed my best today.

Q. Do you think that's what was the key today, just being relaxed?
JELENA OSTAPENKO: Yeah, I mean, I was just relaxed because, as I said, it's my last match here and, yeah, I think I was playing much better than the other two matches.

Q. How have you found the whole experience from start to finish?
JELENA OSTAPENKO: Yeah, I mean, it's great to be here. It's my first time and hopefully more times I will be here. But, yeah, I'm really happy that I had a chance to play here.

Q. What are the lessons that you take away from your first Finals? What do you think, the next time when you play it, what experience will you take out of this?
JELENA OSTAPENKO: That you have to be really prepared for every match, because players who get here, they play on a very high level and every match will be a battle.

Q. Against Pliskova, what do you think you did particularly well that kind of got her a little bit rattled out there?
JELENA OSTAPENKO: I think the first thing I was returning her serve very well. It gave me a lot of advantages.

Also, I was serving pretty well today, better than the other days. Yeah, I was not I think missing that many balls, like making that many unforced errors and still making a lot of winners.

Q. It was a career-changing season for you. How do you think you're going to approach next year? What kind of mindset that's going to change a little bit the perspective, or...
JELENA OSTAPENKO: Yeah, I mean, I think I had a great season this year, and especially winning the French Open. Next year I'm just going to have good time off now and make good preparation and just come back stronger next year.

Q. Anything you're determined on working on during the winter?
JELENA OSTAPENKO: I mean, of course probably I'm going to work on my serve and just maybe on my consistency, so if I'm consistent next year, I will play better.

Q. Have you thought about at all in terms of the coaching situation? Are you going to look for a new coach during the offseason? Are you happy with the setup you have now? Where is your mind with all that?
JELENA OSTAPENKO: I mean, of course my mom is going to be my main coach next season, but maybe we're gonna try to see some options with working with another coach, but I don't know yet.

Q. Have you thought of your vacation plans offseason? Too soon for that? How do you see the next few weeks playing out for you?
JELENA OSTAPENKO: Yeah, I had some thoughts I wanted to go somewhere just to rest. Yeah, I have a couple of thoughts to spend time with my family and then my friends.

Q. You wasted all your challenges quite early, and they weren't that good of challenges. Why did you challenge so quickly?

Q. Why did you challenge so quickly? You seemed to waste them all early in the first set.
JELENA OSTAPENKO: Because sometimes you never know. The calls are very close, and sometimes it may go one or the other way, and you never know. So, I mean, yeah, probably used all of them, but, I mean...

Q. So the fan question is the fans know that you like to dance, and they're curious if you could pick one song to do a free style to, what would it be?
JELENA OSTAPENKO: For dancing? Despacito, probably.

Q. For good luck?

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