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October 26, 2017

JJ Spaun

Jackson, Mississippi

Q. Got to feel pretty good coming out and shooting that in your opening round. How did you put it together?
JJ SPAUN: The putter was working today. It's been something I've been working hard on the last month or two.

Finally got it heated up a little bit, and just still hitting good shots. Finally seeing some putts go in helped me shoot a nice round today.

Q. Rain is expected tomorrow. It's not going to be fun to deal with. It's not supposed to come until the afternoon. To be able to have this round behind you and secured, what kind of position that does that put you in going forward mentally?
JJ SPAUN: Yeah, definitely takes a little bit of pressure, as opposed to being maybe behind the cut or right around the cut line.

Definitely kind of just stay patient tomorrow. It's going to be playing tough. Give myself good looks. If some go in and some don't, then so be it. Just got to stay patient tomorrow.

Q. How about the ebbs and flows of the season. You finished the end of the season last year season-wise...

Q. Seems like it wasn't long ago, but when it comes to the Fall Series events, what's your approach? What do you look to get out of these events.
JJ SPAUN: Yeah, it's different now that I am not in the Web category, so I don't feel like I need to like really grind as hard as I needed to, because you need to kind of like jump in your category when you're in that category.

Now it's just kind of like a primer I feel like for next year. Technically the calendar year.

It's good to kind of get some good finishes before the new year ends and take that going into Sony.

Q. Any time you have a good round you need some saves; 15 and 18 you definitely had those.
JJ SPAUN: Yeah, 15, I mean, just kind of made a mess. It's a super easy hole and I hit it in the rough. If you're in the rough out here you either have no shot or a flyer.

To that pin, it was tough to get something near there. I had a pretty good shot but ended up going over the green and caught in the grain on the chip and had about 15 feet for par.

Was putting good all day, so I kind of had a feeling I going to make that one. I did. So that's kind of one of those momentum keepers or whatever to keep the round going.

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