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October 25, 2017

Elina Svitolina

Kallang, Singapore

C. GARCIA/E. Svitolina

6-7, 6-3, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What do you think kind of turned that third set around from being in a pretty commanding position?
ELINA SVITOLINA: Seriously, I don't know. It was, like, so quick and I don't know. It's very, very tough to say. For a moment it's tough to say.

No, I don't want to really, you know, go into details, you know. One point maybe decided the match, but I missed my chances. I cannot change them. Unfortunately, I cannot go back in time. Probably I would change, but it didn't happen.

Q. Just generally, it seemed as though you were kind of struggling with either rhythm or tactics out there. You never looked completely settled in that match. Is that kind of an accurate assessment?
ELINA SVITOLINA: Yeah, I don't know. Just -- yeah, just terrible feeling overall. I don't know. Just, you know, I don't know.

If I would find the words, maybe I could describe what I felt, but unfortunately I didn't -- I cannot describe what it was. I mean, no words.

Q. Has playing in this event and being in the Top 8 or whatever been a little bit more overwhelming maybe than you had anticipated? I mean, other players in the past have found it that way, too, their first time.
ELINA SVITOLINA: Yeah, but for her it was also first time. So, you know, it was in the same situation, both. And, yeah, I mean, I wish I knew what was happening today with my game, because even though it's 7-5 in the third -- or what was the score? I don't even remember. I mean, my game was completely off.

Yeah, just like this week -- of course, I was expecting better week, better tennis from my side, but unfortunately everything goes wrong this week, everything.

Q. I know it's rough in the moment, but you still are alive in the tournament. You still have an opportunity to qualify.

Q. Yeah.
ELINA SVITOLINA: I wish I had no chance to qualify, but -- yeah, okay.

Q. But, I mean, in this moment that doesn't make it any softer, I guess, or any easier to kind of swallow it? Because you are still alive. You still can qualify.
ELINA SVITOLINA: What I have to do to qualify?

Q. You have to beat Wozniacki in straight sets --
ELINA SVITOLINA: Halep, you mean?

Q. Sorry, Halep, and another result has to happen the other way. It's not in your hands, but...
ELINA SVITOLINA: I don't know. I try to recover and try my best, but, you know, you never know. I was expecting better tennis. I cannot -- I don't have any expectations anymore (smiling).

Q. Has it been feeling okay on the practice court? Like when you're playing and have been preparing here in Singapore, have the balls been coming off your racquet okay, feeling good rhythm, or is it still also even in the practice something a little off?
ELINA SVITOLINA: Yeah, it was feeling fine. I was feeling fine. Yeah, I was training fine.

Maybe a little bit struggling physically. But, you know, when I am into the tournament, I try to don't think so much about my fitness state, you know. Try to put it behind.

So probably when I finish the tournament, I will, you know, have questions for my team and for myself, of course, what I did wrong, because, you know, these kind of matches I played, they were, like, really terrible tennis from me.

Okay, girls played really, really good, but the way I handled the situations in this tournament, it was completely, you know, like completely brainless, seriously.

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