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October 4, 1997

Sandrine Testud


Q. Who was more nervous, you or Brenda?

SANDRINE TESTUD: That is a good question. (laughs). Well, I can tell you, I was pretty nervous when I got on the court for the ceremony. It was so many people, so crowded. I mean, we have been practicing the whole week with nobody, so it was a big difference. But, hopefully for me, I started really well, the match, I mean, the beginning of the first set, so, it gives me a lot of confidence and by the way I won the first set, so it was -- I mean, it was better for me (laughs). I don't know if Brenda was maybe a little bit more nervous than me at the beginning. I think she made a lot of mistakes. But, you know, I was concentrated and that was important to win the first set.

Q. How important is what Noah does because he constantly tries to get your attention? He constantly gives the impression of being there for you. How important is that?

SANDRINE TESTUD: He is there for me. It is just, you know, he gives me a lot of confidence. When I lost the second set I was a little bit upset because I had many opportunities in the beginning to break her and I couldn't do it and I just got a little bit nervous. And I was not aggressive like I was in the first set. Just on the changeover he just tell me: Keep going like you played the first set, "Be aggressive, try to move a lot," especially when she was serving. And, that is what I have done very well at the beginning of the third set. I had to be concentrate on my serve and I had to be ready to be aggressive on the return of serve. And I returned pretty good; especially the second serve of Brenda because on the first serve, there is nothing much I can do. But, I was pretty good on the return of second serve. And, I put a bit of pressure on her. And, that is what made the difference, I think.

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