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October 26, 2017

Nur Durriyah

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Q. Double-bogey?
NUR DURRIYAH: Double on 17.

Q. And the eagle?
NUR DURRIYAH: I missed a couple are birdie putts but then I'm okay and then I fumbled 17.

Q. What happened on that hole? Because we didn't catch it on TV. What happened?
NUR DURRIYAH: I pushed it to the right. Went into the water.

Q. So what worked? What didn't work? What was going well?
NUR DURRIYAH: I stick to my game plan. That is the main one.

Q. What was the game plan?
NUR DURRIYAH: My whole game plan, I think overall, I'm satisfied with my game today. I made a few bogeys and one double. Hope to play better tomorrow.

Q. So you need a lot of birdies tomorrow?
NUR DURRIYAH: Hopefully.

Q. You missed how many birdie putts today?
NUR DURRIYAH: Like from ten feet.

Q. So were nervous?
NUR DURRIYAH: No, actually, no. It was okay. Not nervous at all today. Was okay.

Q. So you feel you're getting, how do you say, more and more patient?
NUR DURRIYAH: Not really. Because yesterday I was so nervous, like really, really nervous.

Q. Can't sleep?
NUR DURRIYAH: I think I had a good sleep. That's why I don't sleep so much today. And I think today was a good day. Good morning, also.

Q. What did she say -- the last nine --
NUR DURRIYAH: Because I say, do you get nervous when you get your first event. She said, it's okay to be nervous. It's normal. Everyone has it.

Q. In a nutshell, how do you feel?

Q. You finish as one of the three top Malaysian players, so maybe in a nutshell, just share with us how you feel.
NUR DURRIYAH: I could have done better but I've done my best today. I'm not sure what to say actually.

Q. Happy?
NUR DURRIYAH: I'm happy today actually because I didn't get angry today. So I'm happy to myself. Yeah, everything is okay.

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