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October 22, 2017

Lizette Salas

Taipei, Taiwan

Q. Thinking back to Thursday, did you think you would be here after the first round, 4-over? The definition of moving on up.
LIZETTE SALAS: I guess. We don't know what happened on the first day, and, yeah, it was fun.

Q. But now, look where you are.

Q. Closed birdie, birdie?
LIZETTE SALAS: Yeah. The last three days, I've been hitting it really solid. I think the first day, I just got shaken up when I started missing fairways. That's kind of like the strong suit of my game, and that kind of rattled me a little bit.

But you know, went to, I was just thinking too much and just kind of blanked out and went to the game that I know how to play. Kind of going off the momentum from last week.

So yeah, we're feeling good, Friday to today. We're pretty happy with the result.

Q. Looked like maybe a little nail-biter of a putt there on 18. At least it kind of looped around and went in?
LIZETTE SALAS: Jason calls it the "Inbee Park lip-in." We got a few of those. It's good to end on a note like that, on a positive note.

You know, just the four weeks that I was home, I really just worked hard because I'm having a really good season, and I knew I could take it up a notch with these last few events. I'm out here for all the Asia Swing, so just taking advantage of it and enjoying it.

Q. Fun playing with Angel?
LIZETTE SALAS: Of course. It's fun -- well, it's not fun watching her out-drive you all the time, but she's an awesome friend, and you know, it makes it more enjoyable. We had a good pairing and I think that helps, as well.

Q. Were you two this close before Solheim or was it a Solheim thing?
LIZETTE SALAS: No. You know, I think we talked to each other and we're like, we weren't sure if we liked each other. Like she used to come to my home course and kind of, you know, practice short game. She's nine years younger than me, so I just said hello.

Then when she came out, I didn't play well when I was paired with her. I don't know what it was. I'm just like, gosh -- and then, come Solheim, we just became really great friends, and I think we complement each other. She's a firecracker, and I'm the total opposite. You know, she's a great friend and a lot of potential, and you know, just fun having her.

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