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October 21, 2017

Venus Williams

Kallang, Singapore

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Coming here, taking in the sights and kind of the vibe of this Finals, this type of Finals in Singapore, what's your sense? How is it different or unique compared to other ones?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I mean, they're all pretty special. It's the end of the year. Only Top 8 get here. It's definitely something well earned.

Q. Does it have a different feel around it in terms of just the organization, it's in Asia, anything like that?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I love Asia, so I'm always happy when I'm here (smiling).

Q. You said yesterday that this is the best the tournament has ever been run. Based on what you have seen so far compared to the first time you played the Finals in 1999, how do you think the tournament has changed over the years whether in terms of the attention it's received or how it's organized?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, it's just very great. The gala last night was an amazing affair. Everything is huge. It's a beautiful presentation.

Q. On that note, how do you think tennis overall has changed? What, to you, is the most significant or the biggest change in the women's game?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Just the depth in the game. The competition is so much greater. It's a beautiful change, in fact.

Q. We all know that your sister Serena has her own baby. I have question: You teach your niece to play tennis in the future like Rafa and his Uncle Toni?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I have no idea. I'll let you know in 20 years or so (smiling).

Q. Do you think this is the most open and competitive that the women's game has been so far? What are your thoughts about it?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I suppose. I don't know. I'm pretty focused on my results, and that's about it (smiling). So you can make the decision on that part.

Q. Serena said in Melbourne this year that she doesn't like it when people refer to your achievements as a comeback, because to her you have never left. I would like to know what you feel about it when people call what you have achieved this year a comeback.
VENUS WILLIAMS: I honestly don't know what people are called my performance. I don't read the press or look at the TV. So at the end of the day I'm trying to hit some forehands and some backhands and do it as best as I can.

Q. What do you think about your White Group and the competition in there for the round robin?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I think that I want to win my matches. That's all I think. It's pretty simple.

Q. There are three players playing their first WTA Finals here. Do you remember the first one you participated in? What is the most challenging? What is the first time you're going to have to play those Finals?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, I think when I played my first Finals, I had a ton of experience. I was highly ranked. So I don't think it was something overwhelming for me at the time. I think these players are well prepared to do well, as well.

Q. Can you talk a little about your practices here and the court and how it's playing?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, the court is extremely slow. So you'll probably see some long points and some long matches, you know, some long points at the end of the year.

Q. You have had a great track record this season of being able to go into the biggest tournaments and just play well at those big events, and playing another big event here, how much impact do you think it has that you don't necessarily have play-in matches, you know, that right from the gate you're playing a Top 8 player and the standard is so high from the very first match to the end?
VENUS WILLIAMS: When you get here, that's what you expect. So I don't necessarily see it as a top player. I see it as an opponent that I need to win against.

I don't really think about it too deeply. The focus is always inward.

Q. How much is No. 1 on your mind, if it is at all?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Not really, no. We'll see what happens.

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