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October 20, 2017

Jenny Shin

Taipei, Taiwan

Q. You look great. You were just asking for some lip gloss, but when you play golf like that, you were absolutely wonderful. How good to finish with those two birdies?
JENNY SHIN: It was a surprise. I was getting a little hungry, a little tired at the end. I thought, you know what, got some tough holes coming in, and I see some dark clouds. So let's finish with some good pars and get out of here, and I ended up with two birdies.

Q. It's a very focused effort on a golf course where it's very easy to lose concentration.
JENNY SHIN: Surprisingly, the weather today wasn't as bad as yesterday. So I hung in there, got some sunlight here and there, and took advantage of that.

But I really enjoy the rain. So I was enjoying myself out there.

Q. Bodes well for the weekend. You will go into the weekend with the lead. It's familiar territory for you, one of the most consistent players on Tour. Are you relishing the experience?
JENNY SHIN: Yeah, I'm enjoying it. It's definitely a good week, considering I had a really bad week last week in Korea.

I'm going to enjoy it. There's still two more days and we're expecting the same weather, so I'm going to keep pushing like I did today.

Q. A great birdie, birdie finish there. We had some sun earlier today and now the mist is coming out. How are you feeling as you make your way off the golf course?
JENNY SHIN: I feel really good. I've had some really good putts today, really good shots. I had a really good break back there on the 18th hole. My tee shot went to the right, but I got relief because it was completely underwater, and I took advantage of that obviously.

Made the putt on 17, so I wanted to keep running at it and made my last putt on 18.

Q. How do you keep yourself focused when you have the mist coming in; when you've got the wind; when you have the field nipping at you; how do you keep your focus out there on the golf course?
JENNY SHIN: Like I said earlier, I enjoy the rain, a lot more than wind. I enjoyed myself. I wasn't complaining. I was pretty happy and content.

You know, Taiwan, it's always pretty windy and rainy. You don't know what weather you're going to get. I kind of just stuck with what I've been working on and it worked out.

Q. Barring something out of the last group, it looks like you'll go into the weekend with the lead right now. What's your mind-set as you head into Saturday and Sunday on top of the leaderboard?
JENNY SHIN: I've been here before. So I know that I'm not going to make any assumptions and any expectations going into the weekend. I don't know what the weather is going to be like, so just go rest, and, I don't know, keep doing what I'm doing.

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