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October 20, 2017

Su Oh

Shanshan Feng

Taipei, Taiwan

Q. Congratulations to both of you for a wonderful round. First of all, you survived the elements in the harsh weather conditions.
SU OH: Yeah, we got 36 holes in. I think that's an achievement for everybody.

SHANSHAN FENG: Well, I played with Su today, and I think Su made it look like it was really sunny and really calm, no wind, no rain, it was so easy; you look at that last hole, she made the eagle. It was like, okay. She's playing in maybe conditions different than from what we did.

Q. It was a brilliant eagle to finish a round of 66. You find yourself now just one shy of the lead.
SU OH: Yeah, we've been playing in crappy conditions for like the last three full weeks. It's been windy and rainy and it just feels like another day; okay, rain gear on and three-club wind and try to keep it low. Yeah, it was easy --

Q. It was easy?
SHANSHAN FENG: Like what I told you. It was easy for her. Three-club wind, easy.

SU OH: Got pretty lucky today, though, I think, as well. Things went my way.

Q. You also played very well in New Zealand where the weather once again was horrendous. You seem to thrive in these conditions.
SU OH: Yeah, coming from Melbourne, I guess I'm kind of used to it a little bit with the crappy weather. But we've been playing so much in the wind and the rain, and New Zealand was just crazy. Like it's just no need for an umbrella.

I guess it's just learning every week, and yeah, just trying to keep the ball low.

Q. And great to play with Shanshan, an Asian specialist. You're just warming up now. You've had a run of very good results. We know you won twice on the Asian swing last year. Are you just bubbling and ready to boil over?
SHANSHAN FENG: I think last week my ball-striking wasn't very good, but I think yesterday and today, I think my ball-striking's getting better.

My only problem is just putting, so I need to work on my putting a little more, and hopefully, you know, I can make something happen in Asia.

SU OH: We all know how well she can putt.

Q. Have you got enough waterproofs for the weekend?
SHANSHAN FENG: Wet, anyways.

SU OH: Honestly, you walk into my room and it's just newspaper everywhere, trying to put it in my shoes, and all these hangers. I feel so bad for the housekeeper that's cleaning my room today, because there's no room to like move around.

Q. Wonderful round of 66, but having a closer look, you got a bit of tape on your left wrist. Is everything okay there?
SU OH: Yeah, it actually happened on Sunday like on the 17th hole at Hana Bank last week. I don't know what happened. I think I just kept hitting in the rough too many times and trying to hit out of it, it like hurt my hand.

Monday this week, I couldn't even grip the club. I usually don't have the traveling physio around, but I asked one of the guys out here to help me and yeah, it's been all right. This is just a precaution, I guess.

Q. Maybe it's practicing too much,?
SHANSHAN FENG: You don't need to worry about me doing that. But I think, you know, maybe every time I actually hurt myself, like I twisted my ankles or whatever, or having a headache before the tournament started, and I always had good results. So I wish that can happen on Su this week.

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