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November 16, 1999

Sandrine Testud


Q. Did you feel like you were getting tired as the match wore on?

SANDRINE TESTUD: Not exactly, but I think it was very intense, you know, all the points we were playing were very intense. But it doesn't take much time between points, and I was trying to calm down. Yeah, I was running a lot, but I think we were both running a lot. You know, but that was really to play a third set. I had to.

Q. Did you feel like you had the best chance to beat her tonight?

SANDRINE TESTUD: Not more than maybe last time or the time before because we always had very tough matches. It was another close one. I think I had a few chances that I didn't take in the first set, especially, I didn't return her serve very well. And the second set, I was down 2-Love, and I came back and the match was very tough and she hit breakpoint and she did very good on the set-point and that made the whole difference.

Q. Why do you think you give her so much trouble?

SANDRINE TESTUD: Because I'm a good player. No, you know, I don't know. Maybe because I'm the kind of player that can play fast, but my -- you know, I can also -- I don't miss a lot; so that's probably what gives her more trouble, you know. She plays against a stronger player, you know, like Pierce or Williams, and they maybe miss a little bit more sometimes. I would say I'm in between; so that's what maybe gives her trouble.

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