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October 19, 2017

Luis Severino

Houston, Texas - Workout Day

Q. How do you keep the stage or the game situation in the back of your mind and go out there to be as calm as possible and pitch your game? How do you do that?
LUIS SEVERINO: I just worry about my game, don't worry about the fans, the noises, just to control myself and focus on hitting the gloves and making good pitches.

Q. Can you describe your level of excitement taking the ball with the chance to pitch your team into the World Series.
LUIS SEVERINO: My level is I think it's a hundred. I'm excited to go over there and try to do my best with the team we have. We've got a great team. I'm real excited to get the ball that day and do my best.

Q. Do you, like your teammates, talk about how loud the crowds were at the stadium the last three days? Do you enjoy pitching in big games on the road as well?
LUIS SEVERINO: Oh, yeah, of course. You know, it's not the same up here, we don't going to have those fans over there. But just we try to do our best, to get that game and try to win that game.

Q. I was wondering if you could just reflect or look back on where you were a year ago at this time after a rough season. Were you watching the World Series, were you watching the playoffs? And what do you think of how far you've come in the last year where you had that tough season and now you have a chance to pitch the team into the World Series?
LUIS SEVERINO: It's amazing. Like you say, last year I was watching the World Series. And now we have a chance to be in the World Series. I'm proud of the work that I did in the offseason, the work that I did with my pitching coach here that helped me be what I am. And I'm proud of myself and the team that we have.

Q. Before your last start you had thrown 113 pitches. Then you had 62 the last time out. Do you feel any stronger now, not having thrown as many pitches in the last outing?
LUIS SEVERINO: I feel the same. I feel strong. My bullpen yesterday was great. My change-up was good. My fastball was great. I have to say that I feel great right now.

Q. And considering that they thought they saw something with you shaking your arm on the mound, will you not do that next time?
LUIS SEVERINO: I'm not going to do nothing. I'm just going to throw the ball and I nothing.

Q. The start against Minnesota when you lasted a third of an inning, how much did that hurt your pride? And how much did you need to have a good start after that?
LUIS SEVERINO: That hurt me. I don't want to go over there and let my teammates down like I did that day. I learned from that. I know that I made mistakes. So I threw my bullpens, I would try to not do the same mistakes. And I was throwing a good game against Houston, threw good pitches.

So starts like that made me forget about how I had a bad start and to keep getting better.

Q. There was talk yesterday about what it was like to come up through the Minor Leagues together. How much did you talk about what it would be like to play for the Yankees and be on a stage like you will be tomorrow?
LUIS SEVERINO: We really don't have the time to get together and talk about that. But I know that we think that we were out here, we came from the Minor Leagues, and we were almost in the World Series with the Yankees, with a team that has a lot of history. I know the guys, Judge, Gary, Bird, we think about that but we won't have time to get together to think about that.

Q. So Greg Bird said -- I'm sorry, Aaron Judge said last night Bird was the best of the young hitters. Who do you think is best, Bird, Judge or Sanchez?
LUIS SEVERINO: I don't know. I think Sanchez is good. Judge is great. They hitting good. Right now I think Judge is hitting great. I can't choose right now, you know. I don't know which one is going to be better.

But I hope tomorrow the three guys get the job done.

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