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October 17, 2017

Gary Sanchez

New York, New York- postgame 4

New York - 6, Houston - 4

Q. After going hitless in the ALCS up until the eighth inning, what did it mean to get that huge hit and give your team a lead?
GARY SANCHEZ: Yeah, when I went out there I was just looking to shore up my swing and put the ball in play, make a good contact.

Q. You weren't just 0 for this series but 0 for your last 18. I'm wondering, how much did that weigh on you the last week or so?
GARY SANCHEZ: You know, I never thought about that I was 0-18 or didn't put any pressure on myself regarding that. I just kept working hard with my coaches. I kept doing my job. I got my first hit tonight, and I'm hoping that they will keep on coming to me tomorrow.

Q. How important was the sacrifice fly you hit to right? You hit the ball pretty hard. How important was that just to get the feeling back?
GARY SANCHEZ: Every at-bat is important, especially when you have somebody on third base. So coming through there with that sacrifice fly and making the game 4-2, it's important. It was an important play.

Q. Do you think that it might have helped you to DH tonight, not catch, and sort of the mental break of not having to go over the scouting reports and all that?
GARY SANCHEZ: Stuff like that, that's a decision for the manager, wherever he puts me I'm going to be ready to play.

Did it help me? I don't think so, because I had the same my approach, even when I was catching. Some of that stuff you can't really control.

Q. Can you put in words your emotions after that double, just how fired up you were?
GARY SANCHEZ: Emotions are raw. You're standing on second base and can't even control them. It was a big hit there to help your team and go ahead there in the bottom of the 8th. The emotions are coming out and hard to contain.

Q. I was just wondering if after the double did you look around the stadium at all? And have you ever seen it like it was after that hit?
GARY SANCHEZ: Yeah, like I said, before when I got to second base my emotions were through the roof. And when I looked around and saw the fans cheering and screaming, it's nice to see all their support to come out here and show the kind of support they've shown. It's amazing.

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