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October 15, 2017

Henri Kontinen

John Peers

Shanghai, China


6-4, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Congratulations. Last year you lost to the American pair of another John and his partner Jack. So I believe it's the motivation for you to win today. And you won both titles in Beijing and Shanghai. So is it a fruitful fortnight for you in China? And also, as you are qualified for the ATP World Tour Finals in London and you are fighting for the year-end world No. 1 with your opponents today, what is considered a priority to you: To win more titles or to end the season as world No. 1?
HENRI KONTINEN: Well, I guess that's a matter of taste for me personally. Ranking isn't really something I think about when playing or even off the court. Winning titles is. Winning matches one by one and then obviously in the end winning the title, that's great, to do it back to back, last week in Beijing and then here. Losing the final last year and now getting it, yeah, that's the most pleasing part for me.

Q. This time last year as a pair you were so close to being on top, and a lot has happened this last year. Very, very consistent. What's been the key, just getting that little bit over the top?
JOHN PEERS: To be honest, I felt the biggest difference is we've learnt how to sort of play better and more consistently in the bigger matches and the bigger tournaments. This year we've done that a lot better, and that's been the biggest challenge for us was to consistently perform well in the big events. And for us, to be able to do it this year, has been really great so far. That's the challenge for us still coming the rest of the year, to keep performing in the biggest events.

Q. You two lost in the semifinals of Wimbledon to Kubot and Melo. It was a very close battle. Now you two have beat them two times in a row. What do you think have improved from that match?
HENRI KONTINEN: Yeah, I don't think there was a big difference. In Wimbledon, we played them, I think, was it Rome already? Rome and obviously Washington, here. It's one of those teams you know you're going to play quite often through the year.

With this format it usually gets very close. Today maybe wasn't as close on the paper. Also the breaks we got in the second, both were I think no ad points. It's always a close one.

Yeah, they played a great year. They are sitting obviously in the race, No. 1 pair. Wimby, we didn't get the tough close match there. Managed to get it today and Washington. It's one of those teams, it's always going to be a tough fight to beat them.

Q. John, I believe you played that one extra tournament without Henri. Is that the reason you're 1 and 2 instead of co-No. 1?
JOHN PEERS: Correct. And I lost in the semis instead of doing one better.

Q. Then how long would you have to wait until that result drops off?
JOHN PEERS: Till the tournament next year.

Q. Where would you say the body is at right now? Because I think there has never been any more money in doubles since, I don't know, to five years. People seem to get used to the Bryans. The page has more been turned. Do you feel you've reached a new step in the profession or where do you see the category going?
JOHN PEERS: To be honest, I think the biggest fact is that doubles has started to improve, going up, the format we're playing, allows the singles guys to play, knowing how long the match is going to go for.

In the end of the day, I think tennis is trying to go in the right direction and growing. That's the biggest challenge for us, is to keep producing a quality product day in and day out that other sports will do but hopefully we can do it better and keep attracting that person that may want to watch a little bit of tennis or a little bit of any sport.

I think as long as we keep trying to grow the sport as a whole, that's best not only for doubles players but tennis players and everyone in general. That's the challenge not only for us but also the tour.

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