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October 15, 2017

Matt Wallace

Parco Reale di Monza, Italy

Q. Not the outcome you'd have liked but you battled and you must be proud?
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, I'm pretty happy with how I managed myself out there. I just lost it in that middle section. Hit a really good shot into 13; it was long. Didn't really give myself that many good chances on the back nine.

Played the 14th pretty bad. That was the killer.

Tried to get it back, and then obviously the madness happened on 17. Had to calm myself down.

Gave myself a chance in the bunker on the last. Just fluffed out, and dug deep in the end to hole that putt.

Q. Talk us through that shot on 17 and the reaction. Essentially you gave yourself a chance to win.
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, I can't tell you what I was feeling. I hit it up there. I didn't even get up to the top before it went in and then I just saw it disappear as I got up. I think I leaped up in the air and ran around a bit and I was shaking, I was shaking so much.

Really difficult to calm myself down because I knew I just gave myself a chance. That's what I wanted to do; at the start of the day, I wanted to try and run away with it but that wasn't the case. And then after nine holes, I wanted to stay there by the end. Just wasn't my day, really.

Q. How aware were you during that early part of the round that the birdies were being made around you?
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, come the third or fourth hole, saw on the leaderboard that people were tied would me. I knew from then on, I needed to go for as many birdies as possible and I played great again.

I played really nice. I just didn't hole the putts. Kind of let me down this week. If I had putt half-decent, I probably would have run away with this event, which is a shame. It's normally the best part of my game. We'll learn from this and we'll go again.

Q. You must take massive positives from this week.
MATT WALLACE: I do. My manager, Chubby came up to me and said, "You were on the Alps Tour last year."

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