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October 14, 2017

Carlos Correa

Houston, Texas - postgame 2

Houston - 2, New York - 1

THE MODERATOR: First question for Carlos.

Q. How big is it for you, two parts, to come through in this situation on the biggest stage in such an important game and number two what did you think about the your home run and the fact that it got, had to get reviewed the little boy out there tried to make a play, that kind of thing?
CARLOS CORREA: It's important not only for me, but for the team as well. We're 2-0 now. We have a good lead. Obviously we're not going to lay back and rest on that, we're going to keep playing good baseball and hopefully finish it in New York. But I think it was huge for the team so really happy about that.

Q. Talk about the home run.
CARLOS CORREA: Yeah, I was jogging around the bases and I said, I ain't going back to second if they review it. So I was hoping that the play stands and it stood.

Q. In the last inning as well as Verlander played but hits were hard to come by, what was going through your head when you got up there and you had Altuve?
CARLOS CORREA: In the last inning when we were playing defense that inning, or warming up and I tell Altuve, we got to do this for the team, we got to come through right now in this inning. He's like, okay, let's do it. So he got a base hit and I said, okay, I got to do something here, we talked about it. So 3-2 count, I was just trying to get on top of a fastball and he threw a good fastball to hit and I hit it in the gap.

Q. Did you watch it the whole time?
CARLOS CORREA: The whole time I think that was going to be a chance because he cut it off really good, but then when I saw him running I was like, oh God, and then obviously he beat it out.

Q. Saying, we got to do this, obviously that's set up by Justin Verlander and everything he did today and he's really done since he came here, what's it like playing behind a guy like that who continues to go out 124 pitches, 13 strikeouts in a playoff game?
CARLOS CORREA: It's so much fun. He's a horse. He goes out there and he's going to shut people down. We were only able to score one run today and that was enough for him. He took us to the 9th inning and we were able to walk it off. So every time he's on the mound we know we have a huge chance to I know with the game.

Q. To follow-up on that, guys usually don't throw 124 pitches in baseball today, how does he do it and what do you think about just the way he goes about his pitching?
CARLOS CORREA: You talk about the postseason and you're talking about Justin Verlander. MVP, Cy Young, he's been tested before. So it doesn't surprise me that he can throw 124 pitches and still throw a one-run game.

Q. As good as their pitching was today you guys only struck out four times, the first time wasn't until the sixth inning when you're able to put those kind of at-bats together how much confidence do you have when a guy like Chapman is coming up in that situation?
CARLOS CORREA: It gives you a lot of confidence obviously you want to have the right plan and right approach going against guys like Chapman, try to get him down, see his fastball takes off, he throws 103 miles an hour. So you got to be disciplined to be successful against a guy like him.

Q. When you saw Jose cross home plate and you're safe at second how does that feel knowing what you just did?
CARLOS CORREA: It's the greatest feeling ever. Winning is always fun, but winning in the playoffs and such an important spot is even bigger. So really glad he was able to score.

Q. You guys have led the majors in runs but yet you come in here and win a pair of 2-1 games. Does it say anything about your team that you know you can win however the game is played that day?
CARLOS CORREA: Yeah, it says a lot about our team, obviously we don't need to score eight runs per game in order for us to win a ball game. We can play defense too and we showed that the first two games and we can throw the ball as well. We have great pitchers out there and in the rotation and in the bullpen. So we feel really confident every time we take the field that we have a good chance to win the game.

THE MODERATOR: All right. Thank you.

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