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September 6, 1992

Javier Sanchez


Q. You want to tell us how difficult or how easy it was to play your brother today?

JAVIER SANCHEZ: Well, playing your brother is different than playing another guy, you know, because sometimes you have more respect or something to your brother than another guy and sometime when you have ball close to the net; you never hit to him. You always try to hit another part. A little bit difficult for me and for him playing each other, I think.

Q. It is difficult to not -- to treat him as another-- just another player; correct?

JAVIER SANCHEZ: Yeah, it is difficult sometimes not think that he is your brother, that he is another player and just play your game and win, but sometimes when you lose your concentration, you start to thinking that he is your brother, but today we played very good match, I think, and I think for the people it is a good match.

Q. Are you angry that you haven't managed to beat him yet?

JAVIER SANCHEZ: Well, today I have too many chances to beat him, but I don't know, something happened you lose these matches, but we play match better than the other time we play.

Q. You played much better than the other times you played?


Q. Were you concerned when he went diving into the chairs that he may have hurt himself?

JAVIER SANCHEZ: Well, at-- the first time when I saw him to go down, I think it is difficult because he-- the chair in his way, and I don't know what happened, but I ask him how was he and he told me that he was okay.

Q. Did you talk to him after, did you talk to him in the lockerroom?

JAVIER SANCHEZ: I don't see him because when I come here, he go to the lockerroom.

Q. Your mother was on your side?

JAVIER SANCHEZ: I don't see my mother. I saw her the first set; then she going. I don't talk to my mother for the moment. I don't know.

Q. You think it is too difficult for her to see the brothers playing?

JAVIER SANCHEZ: Yes, for sure. For sure, it is difficult for my mother to see the match, but for this, I think she saw the first set and then she go. I don't know where she go.

Q. And your sister?

JAVIER SANCHEZ: She is still in the last three games. I think she is playing doubles. I don't know. I don't know what she doing.

Q. 6-2, 6-2. Do you know the reason this close result is your brother right here in Flushing Meadow? It was 7, 7, 0?

JAVIER SANCHEZ: I don't know Grand Slam last year, I arrived to the quarters, I don't know. I want to win and he want to win. I don't know. Long match.

Q. What does he know about your game? What does he play to, What weakness does he like?

JAVIER SANCHEZ: He know everything and I know everything because we travel together and we play almost every day. Today we play good match, good points. I think it is different than the other days.

Q. Why is it still that he beats you? What is it about his game that allows him to beat you?

JAVIER SANCHEZ: Only two or three balls; then I almost win the match. But today, I don't know, he play two, three good points in the tie-breaker in the fourth and changed that match completely. Then I have chance to break him in 3-All, 4-All in the fourth match. I have two breakpoints and if I win one of these two points, I win the match. It changed for-- one point changed it.

Q. I think you are glad when your brother wins. Are you also now glad that he won the match and he is the fourth round?

JAVIER SANCHEZ: Well, I was not glad because he beat me, but I am glad because he still in and I hope he still win more matches, but normally it is different when he play with me. Today, if I win I am more happy than if he wins.

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