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October 14, 2017

Matt Wallace

Parco Reale di Monza, Italy

Q. Tell us how much you enjoyed the challenge out there today.
MATT WALLACE: Love it. Like I said yesterday and the day before, I'm playing some really nice stuff. I think the grind at the end there, got a bit lucky off the tee.

The only bad drive I think I've hit this week, got a bit of luck, got it out on to the fairway and that's where I knuckled down and really, really showed what this game means to me, really. Happy to be here.

Q. How crucial was that par save at the end?
MATT WALLACE: Who knows. I just wanted to cap off a really good round. I had a bad swing in there where I made bogey, but the rest of it was pretty flawless, really.

Going to do a bit more putting work after this, but yeah, pretty happy.

Q. Did the birdie at the first settle the nerves?
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, I played the hole perfect, and great drive, great rescue in there. The putt wasn't so good but yeah, started off with a birdie, and then played the rest really nicely, as well.

Q. What pleased you most about your game?
MATT WALLACE: Again, I think I said it yesterday, just my mental side. Being in position for the first time in this sort of tournament. But I'm comfortable. I'm comfortable and really happy in my game.

I know where my ball is going, apart from the last shot on 18 there. I think it was good to hit provisional and get that out of my system and hit another one down the middle. Mentally, really happy, and that par on the last will help.

Q. You're getting quite good at winning, aren't you?
MATT WALLACE: I'd say I'm comfortable with it. I'm comfortable with my game. Winning takes care of like -- good golf takes care of that.

Again, I'll be in that position tomorrow. I'd say we're probably only halfway there, halfway done, because Sunday is a different day. I'm going to go out, fight as hard as I can and hopefully be standing here with the trophy tomorrow.

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