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October 13, 2017

Maximilian Kieffer

Parco Reale di Monza, Italy

Q. How would you assess your performance this morning?
MAXIMILIAN KIEFFER: Very delighted how the week went so far. It was important for me because I'm still fighting for the Tour card, and I haven't played well the last couple of weeks. Yeah, it's pretty satisfying to put in a decent performance.

Q. Did you find something coming into this week?
MAXIMILIAN KIEFFER: Yeah, I think the thing that was very, I wouldn't say anxious but definitely nervous, very nervous. I want to play well but I haven't really for a while. But I just kept the focus, stayed positive and grinding it out.

Q. What's particularly pleading about your play so far over the two rounds?
MAXIMILIAN KIEFFER: Just mentally, how I handled it. Kept my rhythm today and didn't let any bad bounces or anything get in my head.

Q. What will you take from the two rounds so far and where you're positioned into the weekend?
MAXIMILIAN KIEFFER: I take a lot of confidence. I mean, yesterday, I didn't strike it that well but I got it around. Then yesterday after the round, I had a very good range session.

Today I struck it very nice, and the ball is rolling good, as well, on the green. So I should take a lot of confidence on the weekend, hopefully.

Q. Did you take advantage of the conditions, bearing in mind being out early, in the first group?
MAXIMILIAN KIEFFER: To be fair, the first six, seven holes weren't that easy because it was still a little bit foggy and mist in the air. The ball was going nowhere and it was a bit cold, as well. Obviously the greens were running nicely. They were rolling nicely the whole day, and I holed a few putts. In that case, I took advantage of it, yeah.

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