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October 13, 2017

Sergio Garcia

Parco Reale di Monza, Italy

Q. Sergio, your first time at the Italian Europe.
SERGIO GARCIA: I have always liked Italy. I feel very much like at home. It's very similar to Spain. I think that the people are very similar, similar personalities, similar energy. The weather is very similar to where I'm from, and the food is also -- even though it's not similar, it's as good as Spanish food.

Yeah, it's been a fun week.

Q. What has been right and what has been wrong with your game these first 36 holes?
SERGIO GARCIA: Fortunately most of the things have been right. Obviously a couple more putts would have been good here and there. But other than that, I feel like the long game has been very solid. I had some good up-and-downs and I made a few putts here and there.

Obviously I gave myself a lot of chances. Unfortunately missed some of those, but overall, I'm happy the way I played and the way my game is kind of shaping up.

Q. Which is the score you think you have to to be The Italian Open champion?
SERGIO GARCIA: The weather is so good. The greens roll very nicely and they are not firm, so you can hit it close. I'm guessing it's probably going to take somewhere around 20-under par, something like that, unless we get some wind. We will see. Try to shoot the best we can the next few days and see what happens.

Q. Thoughts on the day?
SERGIO GARCIA: It's been great. We all three played nicely. Tommy obviously played much better today than yesterday. Jon probably played a little better yesterday than today.

It was a fun couple of days with 1, 2, 3, Race to Dubai. I think that not only we enjoyed it, but the people at home and the Italian people here probably had a good time.

Q. What have you taken from the first two rounds so far?
SERGIO GARCIA: I think it's been pretty solid. I think my long game is in good shape. My short game feels pretty good. Obviously it's a work in process.

All I'm trying to do -- lack of commitment on a couple of putts maybe but other than that, it's felt good and I'm excited to keep working hard at it and keep getting better as the year finishes to make sure that next year as sharp as we can.

Q. Are conditions conducive to good scoring?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, the conditions are just spectacular, a little bit of breeze but very little. The greens are not very firm, so you can stop the ball fairly well and hit it fairly close if your game is on. And they roll quite nicely.

It's just a matter of rolling a couple putts here and there. You're going to give yourself a lot of birdie chances. Just a matter of feeling sharp with your short game and if you manage to do that, then you're going to shoot good scores.

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