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October 13, 2017

Matt Wallace

Parco Reale di Monza, Italy

Q. You followed yesterday's 64 with a 65, not always easy to do, follow a low round with another one. What was the secret to it today?
MATT WALLACE: Good golf. That normally takes care of it. When I won in Portugal, I backed up a 10-under with a 7-under. It's not like rare; I have done it before. Yeah, just good golf out there today and it's perfect weather for us to shoot low.

Q. You're coached by Robert Rock and you're out there playing with him today. Was that a bit weird?
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, strange. I've been speaking to him about it this week and he said he's never actually played with one of his players. It was good fun and I was very, very calm and collected out there with him.

Q. You won earlier in the year in Portugal, obviously you were on The Challenge Tour and that graduated you on to the main tour. What new goals did you set for yourself after you did that and secured your place on Tour for next year?
MATT WALLACE: I really wanted to try and push for the last three events in the Top 60, but it was difficult with having less events to do that, as well, and I found it was quite difficult to do that.

But we're here this week, and that's still my goal, to try and do that. If I can keep going the way I'm playing this weekend, hopefully push on and try and secure that spot there.

Q. Assess your morning's work, please.
MATT WALLACE: Very good. Started off great, two birdies out of the blocks there. Yeah, struggled in the middle section where just couldn't really get it close enough to the hole so the putts were always going by the edges. Stayed patient and played the ninth hole really well and knew that was a good birdie chance and managed to roll a putt in there for eagle and played some lovely shots on that back nine; just didn't hole the putts. A bit of afternoon work on the putting green and hopefully can carry that form on for the weekend.

Q. How would you assess your two rounds so far in terms of how you've played?
MATT WALLACE: Scoring-wise, I probably could be better because I'm playing that good. I've hit it great off the tee. I've hit some really good shots into greens and saved myself a couple times, not had to do that much. But yeah, if I can hole a few more putts, there could be a special number somewhere.

Q. Does it help who you're playing with this weekend?
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, playing with my coach. We didn't talk anything about swing or anything. We were still very professional out there. It was great to see him finish with two birdies and hopefully he can make the cut. We had fun and I'm sure we'll go and do some work later.

Q. What will you take from your win in Portugal? Different scenario, but you must take positives from that week.
MATT WALLACE: I think what I can take from it is the fact that I've been in this position before, and it is just golf. I'm playing some great stuff. If I can keep my calm, keep my nerves down and play some good stuff, then who knows.

Just trying to play the best stuff I can. Working hard, playing some good stuff, playing some great stuff now, and just rolling with it, really.

Q. What do you think about the golf club Milano?
MATT WALLACE: It's great. I've heard some mixed reviews but I think it's fantastic. I think what they have done with the course in the short space of time that they have had to do with it is great. Even yesterday afternoon, the greens were in really good shape.

I mean, it's pretty good. I like it, as well.

Q. What will be your strategy for tomorrow? The same?
MATT WALLACE: Same stuff. Same stuff. It's just golf. Try and hit the best shot I can at that time. Dave and I will talk about the shot and we'll go from there.

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