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October 13, 2017

Alexander Bjork

Parco Reale di Monza, Italy

Q. Thoughts on a second round 69.
ALEXANDER BJÖRK: Not as good as yesterday. A little up-and-down. Played subpoena good holes and some not so good holes. Okay to shoot minus 2-over all. It was a little tougher. Some of the greens are in the sun which makes them a lot quicker than the ones in the shadow.

So I struggled a little bit with pace on the greens and also, it's a small wind, so if you don't feel it, it's tough to get the right distance on the approach. So a little tough for me today.

Q. You're still in contention for this tournament. What was missing today?
ALEXANDER BJÖRK: Well, it's tough to say, because I thought my play was like yesterday. I don't know, a little bit of everything. A little wide from the tee sometimes and I hit a little less fairways than yesterday. Missed a few more greens. Was a little longer from the pin. Putted worse.

So yeah, everything was not as good as yesterday.

Q. What positives do you taking just four off the lead?
ALEXANDER BJÖRK: Yeah, it's a good position. I'm Top-10 going into the weekend, just four off the lead. Yeah, I have every chance in the world to climb up close to the lead tomorrow, Sunday. So I will take a positive feeling going into the weekend.

Q. What's the plan now for the rest of the afternoon and obviously a long morning tomorrow before you tee off?
ALEXANDER BJÖRK: I think a little bit of practice now. Not too much, but a little bit, and then have a nice sleep-in tomorrow morning and hopefully come back fresh tomorrow.

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