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October 13, 2017

Francesco Molinari

Parco Reale di Monza, Italy

Q. Let's talk about the early part of the round, first of all, level par through seven holes. How important was experience and patience at that stage on a day when others were going he'lly low?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: Yeah, obviously wasn't the quickest start today. It wasn't easy, but everyone obviously willing me to do well, and I tried to stay calm and stay in my own bubble. I did that pretty well. So yeah, a different day than yesterday obviously. Things didn't come as easy as yesterday but I fought well. I hit some good golf shots, and I want to do better tomorrow.

Q. How does it feel to have literally thousands of people willing every putt into the hole?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: Yeah, I think, I don't know, days like yesterday is great, and then days like today, it makes it a little bit harder. But you know, it's what we play for and hopefully tomorrow, I get off to a better start.

Q. You won this championship last year with a record for of 22-under. Do you think it's going to take something similar this time, with 13-under currently the lead?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: Yeah, I would say probably above 20, for sure. The course is in great shape. The weather is going to be perfect I think for the weekend. There is definitely a low score out there. Obviously today for me was hard being level par after seven holes, and everyone was getting a little bit impatient. I'm happy with 3-under par in the end.

Q. How would you reflect on the second round, 68?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: I think still a positive day. Obviously tougher than yesterday but it's always tough to follow a round like yesterday's. I didn't get quite the same feeling on the greens like I did yesterday, so I just had to stay patient and do my own thing. I think I played actually quite well. Obviously there's things that I can do better. But yeah, I'm happy with every part of the game, and I'm looking forward to the weekend.

Q. How pleased are you with the way you bounced back today?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: Yeah, the way I played, I think three bogeys were a bit too many. I played better off the tee, and once you've done that here, hit the fairways, then most of the holes you're looking at birdies.

Like I said, there's things I can do better, but I'm happy where my game is at going into the weekend, and I'm sure it's going to be a fun weekend for everyone.

Q. Talk us through the chip-in. You obviously enjoyed that?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: Yeah, I was coming off a lip-out on 12, a nice birdie putt, but just missed. I didn't hit a good second shot into 13, and yeah, the chip just came out perfect and rolled in like a putt.

Obviously that gave me the momentum to then birdie 14 and 15. You know, rounds of golf obviously are made by moments like that, but I think I got there because I stayed calm earlier and didn't panic when things weren't going so well.

Q. What do you feel you need at the weekend that you can take into the weekend from today?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: Just to keep doing what I'm doing and play my best golf. I'm sure if I can do that, that will be enough.

Q. Just a word on the crowds out there and the support.
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: Yeah, amazing. Lots of people, lots of kids, lots of families. So it's great to see, obviously for us, but for golf in general in Italy, it's nice to see a lot of new faces. And yeah, it just gives a great buzz and excitement to the whole week.

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