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September 1, 1993

Javier Sanchez


Q. Javier, your opponent says that he had diarrhea and couldn't play up to his usual standards. Does that come as a surprise to you?

JAVIER SANCHEZ: Yeah. I don't know about that. It is better for me. I thought if he looks tired after the first set and-- but today I think it is very hot on the court and I was tired also at the end of the match. I don't know if he have something, diarrhea or something, but at the end I feeling tired also, I don't have anything.

Q. Are you getting more comfortable playing here? You have had a little bit of success the last couple of years here? Is the Open a good place for you to play?

JAVIER SANCHEZ: Well, always when you win matches, you feel confidence and -- but last two years I play very well here and I hope I play better this year and I can reach also -- I can win more matches than the last year I win two matches and the third round, I lost third round with my brother, but now I am playing well and I hope I win more matches.

Q. Even though he won the French this year, did you feel on this surface that he wasn't necessarily that dangerous?

JAVIER SANCHEZ: Well, he hit it so hard, the ball, and if he has confidence he is a really good player. He can hit so hard, the ball, and when he put his forehand on the court, it is very dangerous. Also he has a very good hand and I don't know if he have confidence. He play really well here and on clay, I think he won four tournaments this year on clay. He is pretty good and even if he is that good on clay, here it is not that fast, he can play very well.

Q. Is there a special rivalry between you and him because of the family differences?

JAVIER SANCHEZ: No. We just -- we are two players. We go to the court and we fight to win, that is all.

Q. According to the seedings this was an upset. Would you consider it an upset? Was this a surprise to you because he was rated higher than you?

JAVIER SANCHEZ: Well, today I think it is not too much difference between the top players and the first 50 or first 100. Anyone can beat anyone. I think today the tennis is very competitive for the players playing really well and all the players can lose in the first match, even the top players, like yesterday, almost Edberg lost first round and Agassi lost. Stich lost. Today you never know when you are going to win. Normally in the first round, some are more surprises than when the tournament is going to the quarters or something like this, the top players, they play much better than the first round.

Q. Javier, you know the fans of Spain. Sergi wins the French Open, declines to play at Wimbledon, goes out at the first round of the U.S. Open. How will history treat him back in Spain?

JAVIER SANCHEZ: I don't know.

Q. Long question, short answer.

JAVIER SANCHEZ: I think you have to ask the Spanish

press, because I don't know.

Q. Javier, have you looked at the rest of the draw or did you just go into today's match to win this?

JAVIER SANCHEZ: I looked at the draw and I play the winner of Altur/Mattar. I don't know who wins today. I think it is more easy the second round than the first round. I hope I win also the second round and I go for the third round. I don't know. It is a tough match also, but it is not that difficult like today.

Q. When you saw the draw originally that you were going to play Sergi, did you think this was a great chance or were you upset?

JAVIER SANCHEZ: I think it is a great chance for me because if I win the first match I win a lot of bonus points and a lot of -- I think it is better playing Sergi first round THAN the third round because if you win the first round now the draw is open for my part and I thought it was good. It is not that bad.

Q. Do you think that the winner of a Grand Slam has the obligation to play all the other Grand Slams?

JAVIER SANCHEZ: Nobody have any obligation to play. Everyone play when he want and where he want. Nobody forced to anybody to play.

Q. How far do you expect to go in this tournament? Do you think you can win it?

JAVIER SANCHEZ: Now, I think in the second round. If I win the second round, I want to think in the third round. It is better to think like that.

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