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October 12, 2017

Mark Harrell

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. (Recording in progress.)...drama in college, but you were a Ph.D. in drama this week.

Q. Every match goes to 18.
MARK HARRELL: I know, yeah. Or even further. It was a fun week. Played some good golf. Had a great match this afternoon. Just came up one short.

Q. I heard you only missed two greens; is that right?
MARK HARRELL: That's probably about right. Yeah, I hit the ball really well. Missed some putts I should have made. That falls on my shoulders.

But he played great. It was an awesome birdie on the last hole to beat me. Hey, when a guy beats you, a guy beats you. You earned it, so..

Q. How far was your putt on 17?
MARK HARRELL: It was about 12 feet. It was just a little right-to-lefter. Finally got one to go in.

Q. How about this week for you? Getting to the semifinals is the farthest you've ever gone in a USGA event.
MARK HARRELL: Yeah, it's fun. It was fun to have a chance to win it. Felt like I was playing well enough to go the whole way. Just came up a little short.

But, be back next year and hopefully years after.

Q. You get a two-year exemption for semis.
MARK HARRELL: Okay, cool. So hopefully get another run next year.

Q. What do you think you have to do to get yourself over the hump and get to a final?
MARK HARRELL: I just think match play is a lot of fun but it's a tough animal. When you get up, you got to keep going. You can't stop. That's kind of what happened today.

I had some chances early to get him a couple down and I missed them; just let him back in the match. But hat's off to him. He played well.

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